Haiku By World Children・For a New Century (あたらしいうた)


The Akita International Haiku Network is now organizing Japan – Russia Haiku Contest(日露俳句コンテスト, sponsored by The JAL Foundation日航財団.

The JAL Foundation has just contributed Haiku By World ChildrenFor a New Century あたらしいうたfor the contest.


Here is a photo of the haiku book.



They say in the beginning as follows.


Let’s Enjoy Haiku

Do you know that Haiku is very similar to pictures and music?

  The only difference is that instead of crayons and sounds, Haiku uses words. You paint with words instead of colours and connect words rather than sounds. By doing this, you can create scribble on a page and a melody of words.

This is both Haiku and poetry.

  So, let’s enjoy writing our own Haiku without worrying about strict rules.

  That’s right. Even in Japan there was a famous Haiku poet who wrote his Haiku without being particular about rules. His name is Taneda Santoka. Santoka continually composed his Haiku while on his travels on foot.


Further I delve Further I delve  The lush mountain    Samtoka 


The crow cries  I too am alone                           Samtoka


Squashed underfoot, a dandelion

Blooming, a dandelion                                   Samtoka



 知ってる? 俳句って、絵画や音楽にとっても似ているんだ。






分け入っても 分け入っても 青い山    山頭火

からす鳴いて、わたしも一人         山頭火

ふまれてタンポポ ひらいてタンポポ    山頭火



Here are some photos of the haiku and pictures by world children.

You can get the haiku book through amazon.co.jp.




Lastly, we sincerely hope that you will enjoy Haiku in your own ways or through Haiku contests.


The next posting ‘Haiku by World Children : Impressions of Wind’ appears on May 19.


― Hidenori Hiruta ( Member of HIA)


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