『詩の国秋田』第5号 巻頭言「故中嶋嶺雄先生を偲んで」


年会報 『詩の国秋田 : Akita – the Land of Poetry 』 第5号のEパンフレットは本日2013921日発行、巻頭言 「故中嶋嶺雄先生を偲んで」 を掲載いたします。







秋田県国際俳句協会名誉副会長   幸 野 稔(秋田大学名誉教授)











In Memory of the Late Dr. Mineo NAKAJIMA

 Minoru KONO (Professor Emeritus, Akita University)

Adviser to Akita International Haiku Network

Honorary Vice President of Akita International Haiku Association


As all of you know, Dr. Mineo NAKAJIMA, the 1st Chief Director and President of Akita International University (AIU), passed away in a hospital in Akita City, on the 14th of February, 2013.  Later, on the 17th of March this year, a University Memorial Ceremony was held for him on the AIU campus.  Let me now suggest we should pray his soul may rest in peace, reminding you of his great academic services and achievements.

Dr. Nakajima, an alumnus of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (TUFS), was one year ahead of me while we were students there.  Even so, I just looked up to him from afar because there was no link between him and me, an anonymous student.  Pursuing an academic career as researcher in international sociology centering on contemporary Chinese studies, he was installed as one of the academic staff of TUFS, and in 1995 as its President.  In the meantime, he made a tremendous contribution to the development of his alma mater, while devoting himself to his academic activities both at home and abroad.

How great was the impact of the news of Dr. Nakajima, such a celebrated academic, coming to Akita to be the highest administrator of newly-founded AIU!  Obviously, the news gave me great expectations, but I also felt indescribable fears in view of the processes leading to the foundation of the university.  All the fears, however, have proved groundless.  As everybody knows, AIU has been ranked highly in the public estimation both internally and internationally under the superhuman leadership of Dr. Nakajima.

While he was in his office here in Akita, he supported me a great deal in various volunteer activities.  In 2004, I asked him to work as adviser to the Akita Chapters of TUFS Alumni Association and of AFS Intercultural Programs, Japan, of each of which I was manager.  Later, as chief director of Akita International Haiku Network, founded in 2009, I again asked him to work as its adviser.  I heartily appreciate all the valuable pieces of support and advice he gave me.

Dr. Nakajima’s attitudes as international sociologist and as university administrator were sometimes severe, I was told, but as educator he had a really warm character with extensive culture such as literature and music.  Recalling his portrait decorated on the altar at the University Memorial Ceremony, I would like to dedicate my short poem to the soul of the late Dr. Nakajima.


Amid offered flowers,

Your memorial portrait

Smiling as if to rest

On a mountain in Shinano,

Your home province.


The next posting ‘『詩の国秋田』第5号「第2回日露俳句コンテスト」武藤鉦二選’ appears on September 28.

         蛭田 秀法Hidenori Hiruta





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