The Results of the 17th HIA Haiku Contest



The Results of the 17th HIA Haiku Contest


The Award ceremony for the 17th HIA Haiku Contest was held at “Ichigaya Arcadia” , Tokyo, Saturday, 5th December 2015, at 10:30 a.m.

The winning works were announced and H.E. Dr. Radu Șerban, Romanian Ambassador to Japan, who is a haikuist, gave an honorable lecture on haiku in English.


The 17th HIA Haiku Contest


Sponsored by Haiku International Association
Supported by Nihon Keizai Shimbun, The Japan Times

Here are the names of haiku poets and their haiku selected as prize winners and honorable mentions (Non-Japanese Section). Here are also their haiku translated into Japanese by two judges, Mr. Toru Kiuchi and Mr. Toshio Kimura.



木内徹選  (Selected by Toru Kiuchi)


特選 (Prize Winners)        


Owen Bullock (Australia)        オウエン・ビュロック(オーストラリア)


black swan                        黒い白鳥 

water drops                  水滴が

jewel the neck              首飾りに



Ernest j berry (New Zealand)      アーネスト・j・ベリー(ニュージーランド)


dying oak                枯れゆく樫の木が

by the curator’s home           図書館長の家の横で

limbs akimbo               両枝を腰に当てた恰好に



入選 (Honorable Mentions)


Valeria Barouch (Switzerland)      ヴァレリア・バルーシュ(スイス)


Botanical garden            植物園

the café’s empty chairs            そこのカフェに誰も座らない椅子

sparrow perches             雀がとまっている



Kanchan Chatterjee (India)       カンチャン・チャタジー(インド)


long rains…                  長雨-

the night guard’s faint whistle         夜警のかすかな笛の音が  

floats by                 漂い聞こえる



Nshai Waluzimba (Zambia)        ンシャイ・ワルジンバ(ザンビア)


a committee               会合が

gathers in celebration -           祝福のために召集される- 

dying buffalo                 水牛が息絶える



Sasa Vazic (Serbia.)                                     ササ・ヴァジッチ(セルビア)


back to my village…            村に戻る-

more furrows twisted around        また畝が荒らされている

the chestnut’s bark             栗の木の皮が落ちている 



木村聡雄選  (Selected by Toshio Kimura)


特選 (Prize Winners)


RaV  (Poland)             ラヴィー (ポーランド)


cherry blossom rain              花の雨

just a few heartbeats            鼓動いくつか

from the ground                地面より 



Adam Augustin (Poland)         アダマ・アウギュスティン(ポーランド)


old clock                  古時計

run by finger                 指で回して 

stopped time              時を止める



入選 (Honorable Mentions)


Steven Clarkson (New Zealand)    スティーヴン・クラークソン(ニュージーランド)   


a handful                 ひとにぎり

would suffice               ただそれだけで

mountain stars              山の星



Roberta BEARY  (U.S.A.)       ロバータ・ビアリー(アメリカ)


express train                 急行列車

3 seconds                 三秒間の

of sunflowers                ひまわりを



Valeria Barouch (Switzerland)      ヴァレリア・バルーフ(スイス)


Riverbank                川の土手

only clover leaves                  クローバーばかり  

without luck                                     つきも無し  



Alexey Andreev (Russia)        アレクシー・アンドレーヴ(ロシア)


power restored              停電復旧

yet I don’t rush              すぐには蝋燭

to blow out the candle           吹き消さず



Congratulations to winners!

I am greatly delighted to find haiku by some haiku friends of mine, Ernest J Berry (New Zealand), Kanchan Chatterjee (India), Sasa Vazic (Serbia.), Roberta BEARY  (U.S.A.), and Alexey Andreev (Russia).

Congratulations again!  

                         By Hidenori Hiruta

  (HIA member)






2 Responses to “The Results of the 17th HIA Haiku Contest”

  1. LEE DA SEUL Says:

    My name is DaSeul, LEE, I met you at ONLY ONE HAIKU CONTEST in Kagoshima. I am a Korean university student, I sopport UNESCO recognition of haiku. Here’s my message in Korean.

    [가고시마 협약]
    1. 유네스코는 하이쿠(시조)를 무형 문화재로 등록을 승인 해야합니다.
    2가지 이유가 있습니다만,
    첫번째 이유는 지구온난화에 의해 지구환경의 변화로 인해, 하이쿠에서 사용되는 계절에 관한 말(단어)들을 변화할 가능성이 있기 때문입니다. 예를 들자면 , 봄을 나타내는 벚꽃을 하이쿠(시조)에서 사용하지만, 지구온난화로 봄이 없어지면, 벚꽃이라는 단어를 사용할 수 없게 될 수도 있는 것입니다.
    두번째 이유는 sns의 기술로 인해 하이쿠(시조)를 읊는 전통과 하이쿠를 심사,평가하는 방법이 변화 할 수 있기 때문입니다.

  2. Yuria Mukai Says:

    Hi, HIruta
    my name is Yuria, I met you at ONLY ONE HAIKU CONTEST in kagoshima. I support UNESCO recognition of haiku. Here’s my message in french and Japanese.

    L’UNESCO devrait etre certifie haiku dans le patrimone culture immateriel de l’UNESCO

    il y a deux resons,
    1. Sesons mots de haiku variera comme le rechauffement climatique est en train de changer l’environnement mondial.
    2.La technologie de SNS changea tradition de oral ;rire et evaluer le haiku. SNSの技術が俳句を詠んだり、評価したりする口述の伝統を変えてしまうから。

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