Akita – the Land of Poetry vol.7 『詩の国秋田第7号』(4)


“Akita – the Land of Poetry” vol.7  『詩の国秋田 第7号』 (4)

The yearly pamphlet Akita – the Land of Poetry Vol.7 ,  『詩の国秋田第7号』, features  佳作 ( Fine Works)  in the 4th Japan-Russia Haiku Contest in 2015 .

Here are haiku special on haiku written in English.

English Section(495句)

495 haiku were sent for the English haiku section from 50 countries: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Columbia, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Ghana, Greece,  Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malaysia, Montenegro, New Zealand, Nepal, Netherlands, Norway, Palestine, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovenia, South Sudan, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Tunisia, UK, USA, and Vietnam .

The theme: “lake”, but any theme is OK 

Judges : David McMurray, Satoru Kanematsu, Hidenori Hiruta  

英語語部門  (English Section)


佳作(Fine Works)


Maria Tomczak  (Poland)

cold gust of wind

goose bumps on my skin

and the lake’s surface


Mojgan Soghrati(IRAN)

in the lake

every thing upside down

except the full moon


Barbara A, Taylor (Australian)

wobbly pink clouds …

a mallard and her brood drift

between the reeds


Ajaya Mahala(India)

cool breeze

the fishy smell of the lake

flavors the moonlight



future uncertain

fishes splashing randomly

all over the lake


Danièle Duteil(FRANCE)

calm waters of the lake
a swan contemplates
her reflection


Jef Ector(Belgium)

He stares in the lake:

heaven isn’t far away,

just a little jump.


Claude-Alice Lagadec(France)

Silent lake, a man

taking his dog and

his sadness for a walk


Sneha Sundaram (India)

Melting blue ice..

the Baikal seal snuggles

in my footprints



summer tour boat –

strangers start conversing

as the lake deepens


Chen-ou Liu(Canadian)

her goodbye note …

I scoop the moon

from the lake



Ancient moon–

light echoes across

Lake Baikal


John McDonald(British)

frozen lake  –

they trail moonlight

in their skates


Nijolė Kerušauskienė(Lithuania)

sunset over the lake
touching cry of bittern
breaks the silence


Payal A Agarwal(India)

summer evening

camp lake seasoned with

pitter-patter splash


Dubravko Korbus(Croatia)

lake angling –

a child in me rejoices

in a small fish


Dimitrij ŠKRK(Slovenian)

lake in winter

submerged silence of

high mountains


佳作・学生部門(Fine Works by Students)


Yurika Okuyama  (Akita University)  (Japan)

Fireflies –

Reflected in the lake’s surface,

Another starlit sky.


Shota Higuchi  (Akita University)  (Japan)

waves and the reflection

of fireworks

overlapping on the lake


FLORIN GRIGORE  (Akita University)  (Romania)





Shinpei Uehara  (Akita University)  (Japan)

At Tazawa lake –

The waves on the surface

make me feel cool in summer


Hong Ngoc Luu  (Akita University)  (Vietnam)

Lake Tazawako

Serenely sleeps in sunrays.

The sky’s reflection!


Akane Arai   (Akita University)  (Japan)

Oh!  In the pond

Vivid flowers bloom

Shining fireworks are reflected


Radu Tudosan (Nicolae Titulescu University) (Romania)

back to the old bridge-

nothing’s changed, except

the lake’s reflection


Niklas Holzapfel (Goethe University Frankfurt am Main) (Germany)

The cold blue water

has become the bright mirror

of the calm mountains


Robin Eriksen (Akita International University) (Norway)

The flapping of wings.
Piercing cries filling the sky
White seagulls everywhere


Päivi Vesen (Akita International University)  (Finland)

Midnight sun shining

Even wind stops for the night.

Sheer tranquility.


Sakura Kodama (Akita International University) (Japan)

Dim light from the moon

Coming from the dark

The song of the frogs


Koya Yamada  (The International University of Kagoshima)  (Japan)

A bird calls –

the voice in the lake

summer fog


Misato Tamura  (ECC Kokusai College of Foreign Languages)  (Japan)

clear blue water

several million years

staring at the sky


WENTAO MI   (ECC Kokusai College of Foreign Languages)  (China)

The sky, the water –

Which is the sky? Which is the water? –

In my eye, only one line.


Anna Chikuyama   (ECC Kokusai College of Foreign Languages)  (Japan)

summer firework makes

colorful reflections

on Lake Biwa


Chisato Okubo   (ECC Kokusai College of Foreign Languages)  (Japan)

Cherry blossom petals

fall like snow

on lake


By Hidenori Hiruta




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