World Haiku Series 2021 (37) Haiku by 石渡みずき (Mizuki Ishiwatari)


 Bare branches 
       Never beaten by the burning sun
       Their survival worth admiring


 Shoveling snow this high
       That is
       For a moment’s living 

山は遠く 微かな灰と青の影

 Shades of gray and blue
       Mountains look so faint
       Standing still in the distance

父との思い出 母は宝石箱に 

 Precious times 
       Of her married life 
       Mother’s jewelry box

アスファルトに雪 冬将軍の到来

 Snow softly covers
       Asphalt roads
       Winter starts to conquer 

光跳ねて 水鳥または風の跡

  The shimmering sun
       Is it in ducks’ wake 
       Or the wind’s blow?

厳(おごそ)かに 近衛兵のごと

 A private wood 
       Handsomely protecting the property
       Like the Royal Guard 


       One winter day
       A dog and its keeper along the path

おぼろげに将来を憂う姉 夏至のころ

   Sister’s worries 
       Of future’s uncertainty
       The Summer Solstice

鈍色(にびいろ)の空 見上げる窓に雨

 Tapping of rain 
         On a high windowpane
         Between the gray winter sky and me

About me:

 I live in Akita, a snowy district in northern Japan.  
This is my second joining in the World Haiku Series.  
I am a slow writer, and here I submit all of my haiku written in 2021.   
I feel that haiku is like a box of watercolor paints, with which I can copy flower petals in early summer or monochrome view of severe winter.  
This year, my haiku are mostly about long, quiet winter and some portraits of my family. 

Here are three photos presented by Ms. Mizuki Ishiwatari.

5 thoughts on “World Haiku Series 2021 (37) Haiku by 石渡みずき (Mizuki Ishiwatari)

  1. It was a nice experience for me, as a beginner, to meet you all at World Haiku Series. Thank you for reading!

  2. I like Mizuki’s 5th poem. We feel how she yearns for warmth during the winter. Her inability to beat the cold weather.
    the words are spontaneous.

  3. Thank you for your comment. It is encouraging! “General Winter” seems retreating soon. May flowers be blooming all around the world!

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