World Haiku Series 2022 Congratulations! 愛乃心葉 in Japan


Congratulatory Haiku

秋田県秋田市に在住の言霊書画 割箸象書詩作家 愛乃心葉(雅号 あいのしんよう)さんからお祝いの句と「言霊書画」が寄せられました。


愛乃心葉 (Aino Shinyō), who is KOTODAMA  poetry  artist, presented her 5 congratulatory 5-7-5 poems and “Kotodama calligraphic paintings.”

She lives in Akita City, Akita Prefecture, Japan.

Note: KOTODAMA (言霊)

愛乃心葉 (Aino Shinyō) is a pseudonym. She writes her poems in the form of calligraphy by a disposal wooden chopstick. She calls her poetry “Kotodama calligraphic painting.” She expresses the spirits of words, that is, KOTODAMA, in her chopstick calligraphic painting. The aim is to express her wish for “a land blessed with KOTODAMA”, which is associated with 万葉集 (Man’yōshū).

Please check out the site about Man’yōshū below.


命こそ ありて詩(うた)詠む 夜長かな

I have life

I compose poetry

a long night

言霊の 幸う(さきわう)美の国 御魂(みたま)咲き

Land of beauty

where spirits of words flourish

So do souls

つきうさぎ 命結んだ 蒼き地球(ほし)

Moon rabbit

coexisting with

the bluish Earth

めくるめく 奇蹟の輝き 水の星(せい)


a miraculous glow

the water planet

忘れじや 虹の楽園 命(めい)受けて  

Never forget

the paradise of rainbow

blessed with life

On November 19, 2022, from 11:00 pm to 0:00 am, NHK in Japan broadcast “HAIKU in the War” as an ETV special. The program showed that ordinary people had continued to write haiku in Ukraine and Russia, which had been in the midst of war. 

Please check out the site below, and you will find how the ETV special was broadcast.

愛乃心葉 (Aino Shinyō) watched the above-mentioned program, through which she was deeply impressed and inspired by the haiku written in the midst of the ravages of the War. After that, she composed and sent some calligraphic paintings to the World Haiku Series 2022 as follows.

From the beautiful sky

here comes a rocket flying

to us

Children playing

with paper planes

the air raid shelter

A frozen woman

lost her color

the trembling horizon

An old photo

my young grandmother appears

in my dream

At the end of July

splitting firewood

from last year’s stump

The special military operations

less oil

for salad 

A distant stop

dandelions blown

by the wind

Black birds

covering fertile land


“I am alive”

says my son’s letter

with the light bouncing

A photo of 愛乃心葉 (Aino Shinyō)

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