Haiku by Hidenori Hiruta (3)

  On December 29, 2012, I happened to visit Senshu Park(千秋公園)in Akita City, taking a stroll there and remembering its history. I also took some photos there, inspired to compose haiku later. Senshu park is located in the remains of Kubota Castle(久保田城). In 1602,  Satake Yoshinobu (佐竹義宣)(1570~1633) was moved from the Mito area to Akita … Continue reading Haiku by Hidenori Hiruta (3)

Haiku World of Patricia Lidia in Romania

   Patricia Lidia in Romania kindly contributed New Year’s card and her haiku to International Haiku New Year’s Festival 2011.       fairytales                     おとぎ話を聞く  in front of the stove -        ストーブの前で  childhood memories        子供の頃の思い出     on a rabbit’s back          兎の背に乗って hopping in New Year -       新年に跳んでいる new resolutions            … Continue reading Haiku World of Patricia Lidia in Romania