For New Year 2012 (7)

  Namahage-Sedo Festival (なまはげ柴灯まつり)takes place in Shinzan shrine (真山神社)in Oga city , Akita prefecture(秋田県), Northern Honshu, Japan, the second Friday through the second Sunday of February every year. This festival is carried out as a tourist event that combines the Shinto shrine Sedo festival and the Namahage folk festival.  Here is a photo of the … Continue reading For New Year 2012 (7)

Haiku by Hidenori Hiruta in Japan (2)

  First of all, I present you the following haiku I wrote when I visited 角館(かくのだて)(Kakunodate), Akita.   Hyakusui’s monument stands in beauty cherry blossoms さくらばな百穂の碑を飾りけり Sakurabana  Hyakusui no hi o  kazari keri     This is a monument inscribed with two tanka poems written by平福百穂(ひらふく ひゃくすい)(Hirafuku Hyakusui)(1877 - 1933), who was a Japanese-style painter … Continue reading Haiku by Hidenori Hiruta in Japan (2)