Akita – the Land of Poetry vol.7 『詩の国秋田第7号』(3)


“Akita – the Land of Poetry “ vol.7  『詩の国秋田 第7号』(3

The yearly pamphlet Akita – the Land of Poetry Vol.7 ,  『詩の国秋田第7号』, features prize-winning haiku, honorably-mentioned haiku, and fine works in the 4th Japan-Russia Haiku Contest in 2015 .

Here are haiku special on haiku written in English.


English Section(495句)

495 haiku were sent for the English haiku section from 50 countries: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Columbia, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Ghana, Greece,  Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malaysia, Montenegro, New Zealand, Nepal, Netherlands, Norway, Palestine, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovenia, South Sudan, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Tunisia, UK, USA, and Vietnam .


The theme: “lake”, but any theme is OK 

Judges: David McMurray, Satoru Kanematsu, Hidenori Hiruta  


英語語部門  (English Section)


Akita International University President’s Award


Ben Grafström(USA)


Full moon in summer—

ripples in the lake reach the shore

kissing our toes


Akita Chamber of Commerce and Industry President’s Award




night flight

a thousand winter fires

outline the lake


David McMurray’s Favorite Haiku


Adjei Agyei-Baah(Ghana)



as I canoe by…



10 Honorably Mentioned Haiku


Marietta McGregor(Australian)


a family of teals

breaches the lake ice

receding winter


Simon Hanson (Australia)


heading home

crossing the lake

the shadows of pines


Kala Ramesh(Indian)


A barn owl hoots

the stillness of the lake

before dawn


Rita Odeh(Palestinian)


lake lily—

landing on its shadow,

a honeybee


Danièle Duteil(FRANCE) 


calm waters of the lake

a swan contemplates

her reflection


Ramona Linke (Germany)


Lake Baikal—

the scent of smoked omul

is in the air


Kanchan Chatterjee(India)


Warm breeze…

the ruffled feathers of

a kingfisher


Izeta Radetinac  (Serbia)


A silvery lake

moonlight, wind and shadows

hockey on the ice


Silvia Kempen(German)


Painter’s pallet…

The sky sharing its blues

with the mountain lake


Tomislav Maretić(Croatia) 


through the mist

rising off a mountain lake—

morning birdsong


The haiku that made all the judges chuckle:


Vesna Stipcic(Croatia)


twitching fishing rod

on the lake shore

snoring angler


JAL Foundation Award Winning Haiku


Kadota Ayaka (The International University of Kagoshima)


The beautiful lake–
shines by the moonlight,
petals float on water


The winning haikuist is a third-year university student who is enrolled in an international haiku course. She may have been inspired by watching cherry blossoms and reading a lovely poem penned by Matsuo Basho when he visited Kisakata on the west coast of the Tohoku region in 1689: yuubare ya sakura ni suzumu nami no hana.


Clearing at evening–
cool under the cherry trees
blossoms on the waves


JAL Foundation Award Honorably Mentioned Haiku


Nakamura Takuro  (The International University of Kagoshima)


Lake frozen
Sounds of sliding
The happy laughter


Ikeda Kanami  (The International University of Kagoshima)


Fall in lake
with leaves lit by a
setting sun


Yamada Ryunosuke  (The International University of Kagoshima)


Moon light
The music I heard
Swan Lake


ライ・シャオドン (China) (The International University of Kagoshima)

waves come into the cove

one at a time


Yamada Koya  (The International University of Kagoshima)

A bird calls–
the voice in the lake
summer fog


Seki Manabu  (The International University of Kagoshima)

Around the lake
cranes return from Russia
lively and lovely


Kimoto Momoka (Kagoshima Central College of Nursing)

Let’s summer
beautiful large spot
Biwa lake


Olivia Doll(Charles W. Stanford Middle School)(USA)


Crystalline surface

the colored leaves cause ripples

falling on the lake


Mihalache Delia  (Romania)(Akita University)


Under the wisteria

a lake is trembling—

the smell of a storm


Fujita Takuno  (Akita University)


Chasing fishes’ shadows—

I became a breeze,

making waves on the lake.


By Hidenori Hiruta

2 thoughts on “Akita – the Land of Poetry vol.7 『詩の国秋田第7号』(3)

  1. Reblogged this on Tōhoku Bentō and commented:
    Here’s an updated blog post about the haiku contest I entered back in the summer. Two of my students (Delia and Takuno) are listed as having received “JAL Foundation Award Honorable Mention.” You can read their poems down towards the bottom of the post.

    I was so happy to hear this! Theirs were chosen out of 495 entries from 50 countries!

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