Haiku Collection! “PETALS” by Nada Jačmenica in Croatia

Nada Jačmenica is a haiku poet in Croatia, who participated in the World Haiku Series 2019. Her haiku appeared on the website of the Akita International Haiku Network with the title “World Haiku Series 2019 (129) Haiku by Nada Jačmenica.” Please check it out on the site below. https://akitahaiku.com/2020/06/04/ Here is a short bio. Nada … Continue reading Haiku Collection! “PETALS” by Nada Jačmenica in Croatia

Photo-haiku by Christina Chin and Randall Vemer

Collaborative Photo-haiku by Christina Chin and Randall Vemer The photographs by Randall Vemer 1 autumn sidewalk in the cement cracks  wild pansies 秋の歩道 セメントの割れ目に 野生のパンジー 2 scent of sage  the ring  of a raucous  Common Murre  from a narrow ledge セージの香り 輪 耳障りな ウミガラスの 狭い尾根から 3 crisp biking morning  the way vernus crocuses  greet me さわやかなサイクリングの朝 ヴェルヌス・クロッカスの仕方 … Continue reading Photo-haiku by Christina Chin and Randall Vemer

稲美里佳の短歌:Tanka by Rika Inami (62)

2022年10月 短歌 October 2022, Tanka All rights reserved ©Rika Inami 稲美 里佳  1 叢雲のうすらうつらふあたりより紫光は降りて神はひろがる purple light descending from around clouds moving in and out God spreads out 2 上弦や今宵の光たまひたり分析の理に不確実解く waxing moon… gives me tonight's light thanks to the logic of your analysis my uncertainty is clarified 3 鳥海山 峰たつ雲に開かれず長月の空清(す)む奇しき朝 Mt. Chokai... invisible due to clouds around … Continue reading 稲美里佳の短歌:Tanka by Rika Inami (62)

Haiga by Christina Chin 

Haiga by Christina Chin 1 a sprinkling  of dew from the canopy cicadas cry 散布 天蓋からの露 蝉の鳴き声2 intoxicating the drunken sailor in full bloom  酔わせている 酔った船乗り 満開3 deep and seductive  the tantalising fragrance  of Don Juan  深くて魅惑的 気をもませる香り ドンファンの4 a butterfly  on the ivory silk  lilac fragrance  ~ Cantos蝶 アイボリーのシルクに ライラックの香り5 moth wings  raising the … Continue reading Haiga by Christina Chin 

World Haiku Series 2022 : 募集要項

World Haiku Series 2022 : 募集要項 Dear Haiku Friends,  We hope that you are spending your time with haiku in your own ways. We also live with haiku in our lives. What haiku means to each other's life might be different. But even in our drastically changing surroundings, we have been writing haiku this year … Continue reading World Haiku Series 2022 : 募集要項

Haiku by Chen Xiaoou in China (17)

Ten English Haiku paste from Japan my little son falls in love with tooth-brushing first published on Japan Society 日本からのペースト 私の幼い息子が恋に落ちる 歯磨きに pulling down I visit my native place in the Land of Nod 古い家の取り壊し 故郷を訪ねる 夢の国で end of August vacations fly away wing or no wing 8月末 休暇は飛び去る 翼が有っても無くても years gone the day we … Continue reading Haiku by Chen Xiaoou in China (17)