The Results of the 20th HIA Haiku Contest

The 20th HIA Haiku Contest Sponsored by Haiku International Association Supported by Nihon Keizai Shimbun, The Japan Times Here are the names of haiku poets and their haiku selected as prize winners and honorable mentions (Non-Japanese Section). Here are also their haiku translated into Japanese by two judges, Mr. Toru Kiuchi and Mr. Toshio Kimura. … Continue reading The Results of the 20th HIA Haiku Contest

稲美里佳の短歌:Tanka by Rika Inami (17)

2018年 12月 短歌 All rights reserved ©Rika Inami 稲美 里佳   1 秋深み惑ふことなく熊笹にやすらふ紅葉の去りがたきかも   deep autumn no ambivalence any more a red maple leaf resting on the bamboo grass … it may be hard to leave     2 人知れぬ野のうもれ木の朽葉散り落ちしさへ光(て)り色あだにせじ   don’t be in vain even the hue of dead leaves fallen from unknown trees … Continue reading 稲美里佳の短歌:Tanka by Rika Inami (17)