1,146 haiku from 59 countries to the 4th Japan-Russia Haiku Contest


August 31 , 2015

Akita International Haiku Network


1.    The Akita International Haiku Network held the 4th Japan-Russia Haiku Contest
in celebration of the great success of the 29th National Cultural Festival in Akita

2014.  This is because the 3rd Japan-Russia Haiku Contest ended in a great

success as part of the 29th National Cultural Festival in Akita 2014. 1,130 haiku

were submitted from 46 countries.

    In 2012, the 1st Japan -Russia Haiku Contest was launched with the help of

 JAPAN CENTER IN VLADIVOSTOK as one of the links with the cultural

 exchange between Japan and Russia, wishing to provide an opportunity to

 mutually share haiku related to the theme of “the sea” (The Sea of Japan) which

connects Japan and Russia.

The organizer hoped that the contest would serve as an opportunity to deepen

mutual understanding among people, to promote the interaction of people’s views

on Japan and Russia, as well as to convey the enjoyment of reading or composing

haiku. The organizer also hoped that it would serve as an opportunity to

strengthen and develop the sister city relationship between Akita and Vladivostok,

as well as to promote and increase cultural exchanges between Akita Prefecture

and Primorsky Region.  

      In 2015, the organizer sincerely hoped that the 4th Japan-Russia haiku contest

 would flourish more worldwide, and that haiku could deepen mutual understanding and enjoyment of different cultures between those people who read or compose the poem.

As a result, the organizer wished haiku could help make the world peaceful,

receiving the submitted haiku from May 1 (Friday) till June 30 (Tuesday).


2.   Only one haiku was allowed to be submitted per haiku poet, and there were three sections of Japanese haiku, Russian haiku, and English haiku. One of the languages had to be chosen from among Japanese, Russian, and English in composing and submitting haiku.

The theme was “lake”, but the organizer received any haiku by request.

As a result, 1,146 haiku were submitted from 59 countries.

3.   404 haiku were sent for the Japanese haiku section.

      404 haiku were submitted from 6 countries: China, Denmark, Japan, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Ukraine.


4.   247 haiku were sent for the Russian haiku section.
      247 haiku were submitted from 17 countries: Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz, Georgia, Japan, Lithuania, Montenegro, Poland, Russia, Taiwan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.


5.   495 haiku were sent for the English haiku section.

      495 haiku were submitted from 50 countries: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Columbia, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Ghana, Greece,  Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malaysia, Montenegro, New Zealand, Nepal, Netherlands, Norway, Palestine, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovenia, South Sudan, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Tunisia, UK, USA, and Vietnam .


6.  Awards and Announcement

Akita Prefectural Governor Award is presented to the best haiku in the Japanese section by Akita Prefectural Government.

Akita International Haiku Network Chief Director Award is presented to the best haiku in the Russian section by Akita International Haiku Network.

Akita International University President Award is presented to the best haiku in the English section by Akita International University.

Akita Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Award is presented to one of the honorable mentions among haiku of each section by Akita Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

JAL Foundation Award is presented to one of the honorable mentions among haiku by students or children of each section by JAL Foundation.

Winners are presented with the certificate and prize at the 4th Japan-Russia haiku contest awards ceremony, or they will be sent the certificate and the prize by mail.

The winners will be notified by email at the middle of September.

The results of the 4th Japan-Russia Haiku Contest will be announced on the occasion of the 2nd International Haiku Meeting held Tuesday, October 13, 2015, 13:30 ~ 15:00 p.m., at Akita International University.

The results of the contest are also announced on the website of Akita International Haiku Network (https://akitahaiku.com/) on October 13, 2015.  


7.  The posting of haiku on the website

Winner’s haiku and haiku of honorable mention are expected to be posted with translations of the two other languages on the website in the near future after that.





Second International Haiku Meeting in Akita, Japan


Date :  Tuesday, October 13th, 2015. 13:30 p.m. ~ 15:00 p.m.

Venue:  Akita International University


13:30 p.m. ~ 13:40 p.m.  Announcement of the results of the 4th Japan-Russia Haiku Contest

13:40 p.m. ~ 13:50 p.m.  4th Japan-Russia haiku contest awards ceremony

13:50 p.m. ~ 14:00 p.m.  Photo haiku exhibition

14:00 p.m. ~ 15:00 p.m.  Workshop: How to make a photo haiku




By Hidenori Hiruta








  1. 秋田国際俳句・川柳・短歌ネットワークは、「第29回国民文化祭・あきた2014」成果継承事業として第4回日露俳句コンテストを開催し、本年5月1日(金)から6月30日(火)まで応募を受け付けました。
  2. お題は「湖」でしたが、応募者の要望に応じて雑詠も可としました。
  3. 使用言語として日本語、ロシア語、英語のいずれかを選択し、59か国から計1146の応募がありました。
  4. 日本語部門には、ウクライナ、カザフスタン、中国、デンマーク、日本、ロシアの6か国から計404の応募がありました。
  5. ロシア語部門には、イスラエル、イタリア、ウクライナ、ウズベキスタン、カザフスタン、キプロス、キルギス、 グルジア(ジョージア)、クロアチア、台湾、日本、ブルガリア、ベラルーシ、ポーランド、モンテネグロ、リトアニア、ロシアの17か国から247の応募がありました。
  6. 英語部門には、アメリカ、アルゼンチン、イギリス、イラン、インド、インドネシア、オーストラリア、オーストリア、オランダ、ガーナ、カナダ、大韓民国、ギリシア、クロアチア、ケニア、コロンビア、シンガポール、スイス、スロベニア、セルビア、タイ、台湾、中国、チュニジア、デンマーク、ドイツ、トルコ、日本、ニュージーランド、ネパール、ノルエー、バルバドス、パレスチナ、ハンガリー、バングラデシュ、フィリピン、ブラジル、フランス、ブルガリア、ベトナム、ベルギー、ボスニア=ヘルツェゴビナ、ポーランド、マケドニア、マレーシア、南スーダン、モンテネグロ、リトアニア、ルーマニア、ロシアの50か国から計495の応募がありました。
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当地秋田では、「山水秋田 フォト俳句1万句キャンペーン!」をテーマとして第2回国際俳句大会を開催します。

日時   2015年10月13日(火)13:30~15:00

会場   国際教養大学 D棟 104教室

テーマ  「山水秋田」 フォト俳句 1万句キャンペーン!


結果発表・表彰  勝又美智雄(秋田国際俳句・川柳・短歌ネットワーク理事長



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蛭田秀法Hidenori Hiruta