Haiku by Alexander Dolin and his Students (PART 1)

    Professor Alexander Dolin teaches Japanese Literature and Civilization Studies at Akita International University(AIU). He also writes haiku. We would like to post haiku by Professor Alexander Dolin and his students, Mr. Brent Sanders and Ms. Lim Shi Qi.   Haiku by Alexander Dolin   侘びしさや雨か雪かと霜月夜  wabisisa ya  ame ka yuki ka to  simodukiyo … Continue reading Haiku by Alexander Dolin and his Students (PART 1)


Basho’s hydrangea

  紫陽花 (ajisai), hydrangea, is the deciduous shrub up to five feet high with ball-shaped clusters of bluish flowers in June and July. It has become a common ornamental throughout the world.   In Japan both 額紫陽花(gaku ajisai), H. macrophylla and 沢紫陽花(sawa ajisai), H. serrata in particular have been cultivated for so many centuries that … Continue reading Basho’s hydrangea