こんにちは 皆さん 明けましておめでとうございます 今年も俳句を共有できることを楽しみにしています 秋田国際俳句ネットワーク 会長 蛭田 秀法 国際俳句交流協会会員 「天為」同人 Hello, everyone! Happy New Year! We look forward to sharing haiku again this year. Hidenori Hiruta Chief Director of Akita International Haiku Network Member of HAIKU INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION Dojin of a Japanese haiku group: Ten’I (Providence) 注: 平成22年3月19日秋田県と沿海地方政府との間で包括的な友好協定が締結されました。 平成23年9月25日から10月2日まで沿海地方の首都ウラジオストクで友好協定に基づく交流の一環として蛭田秀法が俳句を通した文化交流を行いました。 ウラジオストク日本センターの協力を得て蛭田は東方学校の幼稚園児と小学生に俳句について教えました。極東連邦大学では日本語を学ぶ学生に俳句ワークショップを行いました。また、日本センター茶道同好会の会員や一般の方々にも俳句についての講演を行いました。 グリーティングカードの「虎」の写真は彼が街を散歩しているときに撮ったものです。 Note: On March 19, 2010, a comprehensive … Continue reading 2022 HAPPY NEW YEAR

1,130 haiku from 46 nations to the 3rd Japan-Russia Haiku Contest

  1,130 haiku from 46 nations to the 3rd Japan-Russia Haiku Contest   August 31 , 2014   1.   We held the third Japan-Russia Haiku Contest in celebration of the 29th National Cultural Festival in Akita 2014, receiving the submitted haiku from   May 1 (Thursday) till June 30 (Monday). The organizers are Akita International Haiku … Continue reading 1,130 haiku from 46 nations to the 3rd Japan-Russia Haiku Contest

中嶋嶺雄先生追悼歌 : 幸野稔

  In Memoriam   It is a great pity that Dr. Mineo NAKAJIMA (中嶋嶺雄), a distinguished international sociologist and president of Akita International University, passed away in Akita City, Japan, on Thursday, 14th of February, 2013.  Having a profound interest in haiku, he supported the activities of Akita International Haiku Network as adviser.  With deep … Continue reading 中嶋嶺雄先生追悼歌 : 幸野稔

『詩の国秋田』 にちなんで (1) - 中嶋嶺雄先生の巻頭言 -

   Three years have passed since we founded the Akita International Haiku Network on May 1, 2009. At the same time we published the yearly pamphlet 『詩の国秋田 : Akita – the Land of Poetry』 on August 31, 2009. Here is its front cover page, in which the article by President Mineo Nakajima (中嶋嶺雄)at Akita International University(国際教養大学)is shown. … Continue reading 『詩の国秋田』 にちなんで (1) - 中嶋嶺雄先生の巻頭言 -

Japan – Russia Haiku Contest : Guidelines for Submission

  Japan-Russia Haiku Contest (Guidelines for Submission) April 17, 2012 Akita International Haiku Network INTRODUCTION       This is a photo of a haiku workshop for the group of Professor Tatiana Breslavets, Japanese literature and Philology Group at Far Eastern Federal University.   **********************************************************************   From September 25 till October 2, 2011, Hidenori Hiruta, … Continue reading Japan – Russia Haiku Contest : Guidelines for Submission

For New Year 2012 (8)

  Kamakura Snow Festival(かまくら) is held in Yokete city, Akita prefecture(秋田県), Northern Honshu, Japan on February 15th-16th every year. It is a fantastic world appearing on a snow country evening, where children enjoy chatting in rooms made of snow.   Here are photos and haiku about Kamakura Snow Festival        羽後の国かまくらの灯の点りけり                 秀法 Ugo no … Continue reading For New Year 2012 (8)

For New Year 2012 (7)

  Namahage-Sedo Festival (なまはげ柴灯まつり)takes place in Shinzan shrine (真山神社)in Oga city , Akita prefecture(秋田県), Northern Honshu, Japan, the second Friday through the second Sunday of February every year. This festival is carried out as a tourist event that combines the Shinto shrine Sedo festival and the Namahage folk festival.  Here is a photo of the … Continue reading For New Year 2012 (7)

For New Year 2012 (6)

  Here is a photo of the Omono River(雄物川) in Akita prefecture (秋田県), Northern Honshu, Japan. The photo was taken at the riverbank at the end of January.       氷結に鯉のまどろむ北の川         秀法 hyouketsu ni  koi no madoromu  kita no kawa   a sheet of ice keeps carp in repose northern rivers                       Hidenori     … Continue reading For New Year 2012 (6)