Haiku by Kirby Record (Part 2)

  Professor Kirby Record teaches as director of English for Academic Purposes at Akita International University(AIU)(国際教養大学) in Akita. He also writes haiku. He is a fellow haiku poet of mine.   On October 11 and 12, we participated in AIU Festival and exhibited works of haiku posted on the website, giving haiku activities, such as … Continue reading Haiku by Kirby Record (Part 2)


Haiku by Marshall Hryciuk (Part 1)

  Marshall Hryciuk is a Canadian haiku poet. On November 28th,, 2009, I met him and his wife Karen Sohne, a haiku poet, who has written haiku in English for over 20 years. It was at a symposium by the Haiku International Association (HIA)(国際俳句交流協会) in Tokyo that we met for the first time. The title … Continue reading Haiku by Marshall Hryciuk (Part 1)

Haiku at HIA Haiku Contest and Symposium (2009)

  The Haiku International Association(HIA)(国際俳句交流協会), a nonprofit organization aimed at promoting haiku globally, celebrated the 20th anniversary of its establishment with a symposium titled Haiku Worldwide ― Present and Future on November 28, Tokyo. First of all, HIA President Akito Arima (会長有馬朗人) gave a speech of celebration as a greeting.     Secondly, they announced … Continue reading Haiku at HIA Haiku Contest and Symposium (2009)