“Akita – the Land of Poetry” vol.7  『詩の国秋田 第7号』 (4)

The yearly pamphlet Akita – the Land of Poetry Vol.7 ,  『詩の国秋田第7号』, features  佳作 ( Fine Works)  in the 4th Japan-Russia Haiku Contest in 2015 .

Here are haiku special on haiku written in English.

English Section(495句)

495 haiku were sent for the English haiku section from 50 countries: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Columbia, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Ghana, Greece,  Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malaysia, Montenegro, New Zealand, Nepal, Netherlands, Norway, Palestine, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovenia, South Sudan, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Tunisia, UK, USA, and Vietnam .

The theme: “lake”, but any theme is OK 

Judges : David McMurray, Satoru Kanematsu, Hidenori Hiruta  

英語語部門  (English Section)


佳作(Fine Works)


Maria Tomczak  (Poland)

cold gust of wind

goose bumps on my skin

and the lake’s surface


Mojgan Soghrati(IRAN)

in the lake

every thing upside down

except the full moon


Barbara A, Taylor (Australian)

wobbly pink clouds …

a mallard and her brood drift

between the reeds


Ajaya Mahala(India)

cool breeze

the fishy smell of the lake

flavors the moonlight



future uncertain

fishes splashing randomly

all over the lake


Danièle Duteil(FRANCE)

calm waters of the lake
a swan contemplates
her reflection


Jef Ector(Belgium)

He stares in the lake:

heaven isn’t far away,

just a little jump.


Claude-Alice Lagadec(France)

Silent lake, a man

taking his dog and

his sadness for a walk


Sneha Sundaram (India)

Melting blue ice..

the Baikal seal snuggles

in my footprints



summer tour boat –

strangers start conversing

as the lake deepens


Chen-ou Liu(Canadian)

her goodbye note …

I scoop the moon

from the lake



Ancient moon–

light echoes across

Lake Baikal


John McDonald(British)

frozen lake  –

they trail moonlight

in their skates


Nijolė Kerušauskienė(Lithuania)

sunset over the lake
touching cry of bittern
breaks the silence


Payal A Agarwal(India)

summer evening

camp lake seasoned with

pitter-patter splash


Dubravko Korbus(Croatia)

lake angling –

a child in me rejoices

in a small fish


Dimitrij ŠKRK(Slovenian)

lake in winter

submerged silence of

high mountains


佳作・学生部門(Fine Works by Students)


Yurika Okuyama  (Akita University)  (Japan)

Fireflies –

Reflected in the lake’s surface,

Another starlit sky.


Shota Higuchi  (Akita University)  (Japan)

waves and the reflection

of fireworks

overlapping on the lake


FLORIN GRIGORE  (Akita University)  (Romania)





Shinpei Uehara  (Akita University)  (Japan)

At Tazawa lake –

The waves on the surface

make me feel cool in summer


Hong Ngoc Luu  (Akita University)  (Vietnam)

Lake Tazawako

Serenely sleeps in sunrays.

The sky’s reflection!


Akane Arai   (Akita University)  (Japan)

Oh!  In the pond

Vivid flowers bloom

Shining fireworks are reflected


Radu Tudosan (Nicolae Titulescu University) (Romania)

back to the old bridge-

nothing’s changed, except

the lake’s reflection


Niklas Holzapfel (Goethe University Frankfurt am Main) (Germany)

The cold blue water

has become the bright mirror

of the calm mountains


Robin Eriksen (Akita International University) (Norway)

The flapping of wings.
Piercing cries filling the sky
White seagulls everywhere


Päivi Vesen (Akita International University)  (Finland)

Midnight sun shining

Even wind stops for the night.

Sheer tranquility.


Sakura Kodama (Akita International University) (Japan)

Dim light from the moon

Coming from the dark

The song of the frogs


Koya Yamada  (The International University of Kagoshima)  (Japan)

A bird calls –

the voice in the lake

summer fog


Misato Tamura  (ECC Kokusai College of Foreign Languages)  (Japan)

clear blue water

several million years

staring at the sky


WENTAO MI   (ECC Kokusai College of Foreign Languages)  (China)

The sky, the water –

Which is the sky? Which is the water? –

In my eye, only one line.


Anna Chikuyama   (ECC Kokusai College of Foreign Languages)  (Japan)

summer firework makes

colorful reflections

on Lake Biwa


Chisato Okubo   (ECC Kokusai College of Foreign Languages)  (Japan)

Cherry blossom petals

fall like snow

on lake


By Hidenori Hiruta






“Akita – the Land of Poetry “ vol.7  『詩の国秋田 第7号』(3

The yearly pamphlet Akita – the Land of Poetry Vol.7 ,  『詩の国秋田第7号』, features prize-winning haiku, honorably-mentioned haiku, and fine works in the 4th Japan-Russia Haiku Contest in 2015 .

Here are haiku special on haiku written in English.


English Section(495句)

495 haiku were sent for the English haiku section from 50 countries: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Columbia, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Ghana, Greece,  Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malaysia, Montenegro, New Zealand, Nepal, Netherlands, Norway, Palestine, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovenia, South Sudan, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Tunisia, UK, USA, and Vietnam .


The theme: “lake”, but any theme is OK 

Judges: David McMurray, Satoru Kanematsu, Hidenori Hiruta  


英語語部門  (English Section)


Akita International University President’s Award


Ben Grafström(USA)


Full moon in summer—

ripples in the lake reach the shore

kissing our toes


Akita Chamber of Commerce and Industry President’s Award




night flight

a thousand winter fires

outline the lake


David McMurray’s Favorite Haiku


Adjei Agyei-Baah(Ghana)



as I canoe by…



10 Honorably Mentioned Haiku


Marietta McGregor(Australian)


a family of teals

breaches the lake ice

receding winter


Simon Hanson (Australia)


heading home

crossing the lake

the shadows of pines


Kala Ramesh(Indian)


A barn owl hoots

the stillness of the lake

before dawn


Rita Odeh(Palestinian)


lake lily—

landing on its shadow,

a honeybee


Danièle Duteil(FRANCE) 


calm waters of the lake

a swan contemplates

her reflection


Ramona Linke (Germany)


Lake Baikal—

the scent of smoked omul

is in the air


Kanchan Chatterjee(India)


Warm breeze…

the ruffled feathers of

a kingfisher


Izeta Radetinac  (Serbia)


A silvery lake

moonlight, wind and shadows

hockey on the ice


Silvia Kempen(German)


Painter’s pallet…

The sky sharing its blues

with the mountain lake


Tomislav Maretić(Croatia) 


through the mist

rising off a mountain lake—

morning birdsong


The haiku that made all the judges chuckle:


Vesna Stipcic(Croatia)


twitching fishing rod

on the lake shore

snoring angler


JAL Foundation Award Winning Haiku


Kadota Ayaka (The International University of Kagoshima)


The beautiful lake–
shines by the moonlight,
petals float on water


The winning haikuist is a third-year university student who is enrolled in an international haiku course. She may have been inspired by watching cherry blossoms and reading a lovely poem penned by Matsuo Basho when he visited Kisakata on the west coast of the Tohoku region in 1689: yuubare ya sakura ni suzumu nami no hana.


Clearing at evening–
cool under the cherry trees
blossoms on the waves


JAL Foundation Award Honorably Mentioned Haiku


Nakamura Takuro  (The International University of Kagoshima)


Lake frozen
Sounds of sliding
The happy laughter


Ikeda Kanami  (The International University of Kagoshima)


Fall in lake
with leaves lit by a
setting sun


Yamada Ryunosuke  (The International University of Kagoshima)


Moon light
The music I heard
Swan Lake


ライ・シャオドン (China) (The International University of Kagoshima)

waves come into the cove

one at a time


Yamada Koya  (The International University of Kagoshima)

A bird calls–
the voice in the lake
summer fog


Seki Manabu  (The International University of Kagoshima)

Around the lake
cranes return from Russia
lively and lovely


Kimoto Momoka (Kagoshima Central College of Nursing)

Let’s summer
beautiful large spot
Biwa lake


Olivia Doll(Charles W. Stanford Middle School)(USA)


Crystalline surface

the colored leaves cause ripples

falling on the lake


Mihalache Delia  (Romania)(Akita University)


Under the wisteria

a lake is trembling—

the smell of a storm


Fujita Takuno  (Akita University)


Chasing fishes’ shadows—

I became a breeze,

making waves on the lake.


By Hidenori Hiruta


“Akita – the Land of Poetry “ vol.7  『詩の国秋田 第7号』 (2)


The yearly pamphlet Akita – the Land of Poetry Vol.7 『詩の国秋田』第7号, features prize-winning haiku and fine works in the 4th Japan-Russia Haiku Contest in 2015 .


Here are haiku special on haiku written in Russian.


Russian Section(247句)

247 haiku were sent for the Russian haiku section.

247 haiku were submitted from 17 countries: Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz, Georgia, Japan, Lithuania, Montenegro, Poland, Russia, Taiwan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan,

The theme: “lake”, but any theme is OK 

Judge: Alexander Dolin


ロシア語部門  (Russian Section)


Akita International Haiku Network Chairman’s Award

Кирилл Топорков(Россия) 

 Озера водная гладь          The surface of the lake

Будто исписана тысячей строк.                   As if covered with countless scriptures

Дождь прекращается.                                     The rain is almost over


JAL Foundation Award

Varvara Cvetova(Samara, Russia, Nayanova University)

Целый мир под водой.

Блеск луны и птицы полет

Я в озере вижу.

The whole world is under the water.

The glitter of the moon and the birds flying

I see in the lake


The Akita Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman’s Award

Мунэиси Аяако(Япония)     宗石絢子(日本) 

Байкальское зеркало                             The mirror of Baikal

отражает летнее небо                            reflects the summer sky

мирно и бесконечно                              peaceful infinity


Fine Works

Николай Гранкин(Россия)

Озёрная отмель                                       A sandbank on the lake

В тени от облака прячется                   Hiding in the shadow of a cloud

Стая мальков                                            A shoal of small fish  


Евгений Вагнер(Россия)

осеннее небо                                           the autumn sky

над озером                                              high over the lake

прощальный крик лебедей               the farewell cry of the swans


Игорь (Igor) Шуган (Shugan)(Taiwan)

Утренний туман                                  The morning fog

Чуть тронул гладь озера                   Gently touched the face of the lake    

Дальней птицы крик                         The voice of a bird in the distance


Наталия Кин(Украина

Светает                               Dawn is coming

В ведерке для рыбы             So far in the fishing pail

Только звёзды                    Just a bunch of stars   


Алиса Куртова(Россия)

озеро  в  горах…                  a lake in the mountains…    

холод  древних ледников         its water still keeping 

вода бережёт                      the cold of the ancient glaciers


Евгения Егорова(Украина)

брызги на закате                 a water spray at sunset

зацепила ласточка             a swallow scratched with a wing  

зеркало озера                   the mirror of the lake


Анастасия Самуйлова(Россия)

Веет прохладой…             A cool breeze

Ни облачка                           Not a single cloud floats

В чайной чаше                  In the huge tea cup 


Вероника Каторгина(Россия)

сосны на скалах                      pines on the rocks       

и ночь цвета черники –      and the blackberry-dark night

вокруг озера.                           over the lake…


Сергей Шульгин(Беларусь)

Гладь озера.                 The surface of the lake.

Провожают облака          The eyes of a frog

Глаза лягушки.              Follow the departing clouds…


Геннадий Редькин(Республика Казахстан)

На озере ночь                        A night on the lake

Пришла умыться луна           The moon comes to wash its face

Рассыпала блеск                Pouring glimmer


Михаил Токарев(Россия)

Охота на озере!                                 Hunting at the lakeside!

Утки ласкают крыльями               The ducks caress the water

Водную гладь…                                 With their wings…


Марина Бахтина(Россия)

Поцелуй заката                The lake savors

Вкушает озеро               The kiss of the setting sun.

Журавлиный клин.         A flock of the cranes.


Наталья Щепко(Казахстан)

Наступил вечер,                  Evening is coming

И падает лунный свет        And moonshine reaches deep 

На дно озера…                      To the bottom of the lake…


Оксана Денисова(Россия)

Зашел в озеро.                                   Plunging in the lake –

Брызги – осколки воды                     and splashes, sharp fragments of water

Ранят холодом.                                  Hurt me with cold.         


Евгений Больдт(Российская Федерация)

Прыгай вверх, рыбка.        Leap up you, small fish!

Лодка внутри озера,           A boat on the lake,  
Спокойно в ведре.               So still inside the pail.


Барановская Мария имя(Россия)

Ни шепота вокруг…                           Not even a whisper …

Лишь темнота глубин.                      Just the darkness of the depth.

Хрустальное утреннее озеро           A crystal lake at dawn.


Елена Майсюк(Россия)

Ил, раки, ряска –                               Mud, crayfish, duckweed –    

Все подо мной. Чувствую:               Everything beneath me.

Я небо для рыб.                                   I feel like heaven for fish.


Ирина Мелешкина(Украина)

Гладь озера,                                   The water of the lake.

Конец полёта…                                 Here is the end of the flight –

Стала каплей снежинка                 A snow flake turning into a drop.


Константин Косяк(Республика Беларусь)

Тихие волны                                     These quiet ripples

Символ моей Родины                    The symbol of my native land –

Озеро Нарочь                                   Narotch lake


Светлана Финевич(Россия)

Отражения радуги                         The wind touches

касается ветер.                                The reflection of a rainbow.

Рябь воды.                                        Ripples on the water.  


Маргарита Бендрышева(Россия)

Не угадаешь,                                  You can never guess

Где нарисует свой круг               where the first fish might draw

Первая рыба.                                 Its circle on the water. 


Исаева Вероника(Россия)

Зимнее озеро.                            The lake in winter.

Лодка вмерзшая в лед.              An ice-bound boat.

Никуда не спешу                          I am not in a hurry.


Владимир Марышев(Россия)

Любуясь озера гладью,             Enjoying the view of the lake.
Жалею, что не дана                    Such a pity that I don’t possess it,   
Мне кисть Хокусая.                    The brush of Hokusai!


Алексей Лапушкин(Кыргызская Республика)

Озеро молчит.                               A silent lake.

Филин ночной на вершине       An owl in the night perches

Старой сосны.                                At the top of a pine tree.   


Наталья Бугаева(Украина)

Озеро мёрзнет,                               The lake is feeling cold –

небом укрывшись, дрожит…      Wrapped in the sky, it is trembling… 

Холодно. Осень.                              A freezing fall…



Ветер шелестит. Сквозь туман        Hustle of the wind.

едва проступает                                   Barely seen through the fog

тихо скользящий челнок.                 a floating boat.


Fine Works by Students

Владислава Симонова(Украина)

След на берегу                                       A foot trace on the bank

наполнился водой.                               Full of water –

Ванна лягушки.                                     A bath for a frog.


Полина Кондратенко(Россия)

Низверглось с небес,                          Pouring down from heaven  

Из дождя вдаль разлилось              It spread so far with rain –

Зеркало Бога.                                       The God’s mirror.


Юмжана Доржиева(Российская Федерация)

Байкала тихие волны                       Baikal’s quiet waves

Чисты и безгрешны.                         So pure and innocent –

Разговор с мудрецом.                       A talk with a sage.


Анастасия Самарцева(Россия)

Озеро. Два глаза                                 The lakeside. Two eyes

Следят за горизонтом.                      Peering into horizon –

Собака ждет хозяина…                     A dog waiting for its master…


Анастасия Кондратьева(Россия)

Ищу я небо                                          I am seeking heaven

Стоя на вершине. Нет.                    Standing on top of a hill-

У ног спит небо.                              No, it sleeps beneath my feet.


Анастасия Коршунова(Россия)

Стынет Изменчивое.                       The changing is getting cold.

За птицей летит самолет,               A plane follows a bird.

Я – домой.                                             I am heading home.


Сергей Пакман (Россия)

Лепесток сакуры
Коснулся озерной глади,
Оставив лишь круги.

A Sakura petal
Touched the surface of the lake –

Leaving only circles.


Алина Шайгородская (Россия)

Мне страшно подходить к озеру,

Скоро рассеется туман.

Увижу ли я свое отражение?


I’m afraid to approach to the lake.

Soon the fog dissipates.

Will I see my reflection?


Яков Шауров(Российская Федерация)

На озёрной глади –                On the surface of the lake
Наше с луной отраженье.       My reflection and that of the moon.   
Одиноко…                                    So lonely…


Translated into English by Alexander Dolin

By Hidenori Hiruta


“Akita – the Land of Poetry ”  vol.7 『詩の国秋田・第7号

The yearly pamphlet Akita – the Land of Poetry vol.7 ,  『詩の国秋田第7号』, features prize-winning haiku and some fine haiku in the 4th Japan-Russia Haiku Contest in 2015 .

First of all, here is a foreword by Professor Michio Katsumata at Akita International University, who is Chairman of Akita International Haiku Network.




Here are haiku special on haiku written in Japanese.


日本語部門 (Japanese Section)(404句)

404 haiku were sent for the Japanese haiku section from 6 countries: China, Denmark, Japan, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Ukraine.


(The theme “lake”, but any theme is OK) 

選者 (Judges) 

武藤鉦二 (Muto Shoji)  舘岡誠二 (Tateoka Seiji)  手島邦夫 (Teshima Kunio) 

工藤一紘 (Kudo Kazuhiro) 五十嵐義知 (Igarashi Yoshitomo)

内村恭子 (Uchimura Kyoko)  矢野玲奈 (Yano Reina)


秋田県知事賞 (Akita prefectural Governor’s Award)


馬場吉彦 (Baba Yoshihiko)   岩手県 (Iwate Prefecture)


In a line

looking in the reservoir –

summer hats


JAL財団賞 (JAL Foundation Award)


山崎大輔 (Yamazaki Daisuke)

埼玉県立所沢高等学校 (Saitama Prefectural Tokorozawa High School)


The morning sun

rising in Moscow –

green leaves



 (The Akita Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman’s Award)


武藤暁美 (Muto Akemi)      秋田県(Akita Prefecture)


A vaulting box inclining

just then



佳作 (Fine works)


森田千技子 (Morita Chigiko)   秋田県 (Akita Prefecture)


Coming over 

a river painted in crayon  

first firefly


鈴木絹子 (Suzuki Kinuko)     秋田県 (Akita Prefecture)


Athlete’s oath of fair play

putting straight up the right hand

summer sky


井上寿郎 (Inoue Hisao)  埼玉県 (Saitama Prefecture)


Water birds flying up 

the surface of the lake made  

an abstract painting


鈴木和子 (Suzuki Kazuko)  大阪 (Osaka)


Any children 

haven’t experienced war —    

a bank of clouds


生駒久子 (Ikoma Hisako)  沖縄県 (Okinawa Prefecture)


Many anecdotes

of the lake–  

summer moon


井上静夫 (Inoue Shizuo)  栃木県 (Tochigi Prefecture)


No border 

in lakes 

birds return


長島保子 (Nagashima Yasuko)  東京 (Tokyo)


It suddenly came, 

turning the back on the lake

a red dragonfly


小橋隆三 (Obashi Ryuzo)  茨城県 (Ibaragi Prefecture)


How flat

the lake is,  

waiting for swans


和田仁 (Wada Jin)  秋田県 (Akita Prefecture)


The setting sun

still staying in the lake  

autumn pilgrimage


林富佐子 (Hayashi Fusako)  神奈川県 (Kanagawa Prefecture)


Standing at the lake

I feel like mom is here

cuckoo in the distance


大坂和子 (Osaka Kzuko)  秋田県 (Akita Prfecture)


The song of an old bush warbler 

by the lake

deep in the valley


土井健二 (Doi Kenji)  大阪 (Osaka)


A wintry moon

the sound of the oar hurrying 

to the center of a lake


金子照 (Kaneko Hikari)                             


(Akita Prefecture・Akita National College of Technology)



it’s almost time

to be silent


才守有紀 (Saimori Yuuki)                                 


 (Saitama Prefectural Tokorozawa High School)



shining in the lake  

Ceremony honoring the spirits of ancestors


岡本大樹 (Okamoto Daiki)


 (Saitama Prefectural Tokorozawa High School)


Into matryoshka 

I tried to put autumn evening


佐藤陽飛 (Sato Yohi)

秋田県・秋田工業高等専門学校                                                                    (Akita Prefecture・Akita National College of Technology)


The tone of the flute 


summer young sparrows


舘岡伸 (Tateoka Shin) 


(Akita Prefecture・Meioh High School)


Spring runoff —  

aged trunks  

floating in the lake


塚田裕基 (Tsukada Yuki)


(Akita Prefecture・Meioh High School)


Cherry petals

going forward the lake 

on the wind


蛭田秀法(英訳)Translated into English by Hidenori Hiruta


Let haiku be on the UNESCO list!


On December 10, 2015, Mr.  Adjei Agyei-Baah in Ghana, kindly sent me an e-mail as follows.


Dear Hiruta san,


I must say Basho’s bug has also caught up with our continent Africa and to be more specific my part of the land, Ghana that we cannot afford to add our voice to the campaign to make haiku as part of the UNESCO list, as haiku continue to be a fast spreading poetry genre uniting mankind into one big family.

We might have become fascinated by haiku due to is brevity and yet saying a lot. Perhaps a confirmation of Robert Southey quote on brevity, “It is with words as with sunbeams. The more they are condensed, the deeper they burn”.

To us, haiku in its brevity, akin to a pill can be taken once a day to subdue the stress of humanity and put a smile on our lips as we interact with people in our daily engagements.

Ghana around 2006 discovered and had her first haiku published by Nana Fredua Agyeman in the 2006 winter edition of Simply Haiku, and had continue to deepen herself in the aesthetics of the art with her contemporary poets like Jacob Kobina Mensha, Adjei Agyei-Baah, Celestine Nudanu, Prince K. Mensah Kojo Turson, Kweku Feni Adow, Justice Prah etc. who have embraced the haiku art as the fastest way of telling the African story to the world especially  in this modern age of information explosion where people hardly stop to read lengthy text.

In short, we write to add our unwavering support to you and Akita Haiku Networks in your effort to make haiku as part of UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Haiku indeed as an art cuts across cultures, boundaries, borders, and races and religion, and we beautifully justify it like this:


black coffee

white sugar

I stir the world into oneness


Adjei Agyei-Baah (Ghana)


We wish you the best in this great pursuit for the love of humanity.


Adjei Agyei-Baah (Ghana)

Co-founder, Africa Haiku Network


Here is a haiku photo by Adjei Agyei-Baah.


winning haiku by Adjei Agyei Baah Ghana (2)