Haiku by Students at AIU (Part 1)

  Professor Alexander Dolin teaches Japanese Literature and Civilization Studies at Akita International University(AIU)(国際教養大学)(秋田). He also writes haiku. Professor Alexander Dolin taught haiku to the students in his class of Japanese Literature and contributed their haiku to our website.   Ms. Yukari Sakamoto(阪本縁) kindly translated English haiku by Rebecca Cox into Japanese. First of all, … Continue reading Haiku by Students at AIU (Part 1)


Haiku about New Year (2010) (Part 3)

Haiku poets write haiku and sometimes say to themselves, “What is haiku written for?  What is the meaning of haiku in life?” Some of those poets have their blogs in the hope that they will share haiku and exchange ideas or comments with each other on the Internet. Gabi Greve, a German poet, writes haiku … Continue reading Haiku about New Year (2010) (Part 3)

Haiku about the New Year (2010)

  Happy New Year 2010 ! the Year of the Tiger 謹賀新年     kinga shinnen 二千十年           nisen ju nen  平成二十二年  heisei niju ninen 庚寅               Kanoe Tora    Miss Masuda Aika(桝田愛佳), a freshman at Seirei Senior High School in Akita, celebrated the New Year by contributing her haiga to the Akita Sakigake Newspaper (秋田魁新報) on January 1. We … Continue reading Haiku about the New Year (2010)