For New Year 2012 (4)

On January 15, 2012, Shinzan shrine naked pilgrimage festival (新山神社裸まいり : shinzan jinja hadaka mairi ) was held in Yurihonjo city (由利本荘市)of Akita prefecture(秋田県), Northern Honshu, Japan.         新山や雪の参道裸者登る       秀法 Shinzan ya  yukino sando  rasha noboru   naked men climb the snowy approach – Shinzan shrine                     Hidenori             … Continue reading For New Year 2012 (4)


For New Year 2012 (3)

 Francis Tugayé, a French artist, kindly sent me a New Year’s e-mail on January 7 as follows. Dear Hidenori San That, through the misty areas, your eyes perceive the best. “Uncertainty” overrides the people all filled with their certainties. Let us be both realistic and (a little) dreamer... and that the year of the dragon … Continue reading For New Year 2012 (3)