Haiku by Alexander Dolin and his Students (PART 1)


  Professor Alexander Dolin teaches Japanese Literature and Civilization Studies at Akita International University(AIU). He also writes haiku.

We would like to post haiku by Professor Alexander Dolin and his students, Mr. Brent Sanders and Ms. Lim Shi Qi.


Haiku by Alexander Dolin



wabisisa ya  ame ka yuki ka to  simodukiyo


Lonely sorrows 

Is it sound of rain or snow

this November night?..




nokori ha no  sasayaki kikoyu  aki no kure


                                                   Here comes the whisper

of the last remaining leaves

Autumn- evening dusk…




hitoha chiri  oshimu eda yori  namida kana


                                                      One leaf falls down

and the branch lamenting it

drops so many tears…


Haiku by Brent Sanders


I sit in the dark,

And by the light of the lamp,

I write these strange thoughts.



Were time to soon stop,

I want to stay in this light.

Can I speak with Time?

                                                    The curtain of black

Fades into a violet sky.

An unknown bird calls.



Haiku by Lim Shi Qi


Leaves fall on the ground

When will the withering end

Perhaps till the trees bare


The sky is now cleared

Storm is finally over

The sun is shining


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