Let haiku be on the UNESCO list! (33)


Let haiku be on the UNESCO list!


Here is a letter of support of the campaign from Ms. Slavka Klikovac, Mojanovići, Montenegro.

The former half is written in Montenegrin, and the latter half in English.

We sincerely wish to appreciate and share it with each other.


Dear Hidenori-san, dear Akito-san,


sending you my regards from Montenegro.  

Haiku helped me and many Montenegrin authors to connect with poets worldwide. And knowing that everywhere on the Planet there are people who respect Nature, live in a modest way and care for other people in empathy, gives me hope that things will go on just right with this world of ours.  



Slavka Klikovac, Mojanovići, Montenegro



            Haiku poezija nije samo književni poetski žanr koji zadovoljava broj stihova u pjesmi i  slogova u stihu, a ni samo poetska slika vezana za prirodu u kojoj se nazire kigo ili godišnje doba. Haiku poezija je način življenja i gledanja nažzivot stvaraoca haiku pjesme. Ona nas zaustavlja da posmatramo, uočavamo trenutke u prirodi koji se događaju sada i ovdje. Za pisanje haiku pjesme nema odlaganja ni predviđanja. Ona ne trpi ni prošlost ni budućnost, ni perifernost prostora. Ona je sadašnjost i ovdje, a zar nije i naš život jedino sada i ovdje! 



 Haiku poetry is not only a literature genre with the form of certain number of verse lines and its syllables, and haiku is not only a poetical image connected to nature in which one can notice the Kigo, or a year’s season.  Haiku poetry is a way of living and a way of looking at life of the haiku poet. Haiku stops us in order to look, see, view and eavesdrop the moments in nature which happen here and now.  For haiku there is no disposal or prediction.  He does not endure or tolerate future or past, and no periphery of the area whatsoever.  Haiku is present, here and now, and our lives, are they not exactly the same thing, here and now?     


Slavka Klikovac, Mojanovići, Montenegro


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