Call for HAIGA/ Photo-Haiku


The editors of Serow: Journal of the Akita International Haiku Network are now accepting HAIGA 俳画 submissions to be included in our next edition, Serow Vol. 5, which will be published in early spring 2022.

HAIGA may be a collaborative effort (for example a poet, an artist, and/or a calligrapher).  In such cases, please include FULL NAMES, hometowns, and email contact info for each person involved.
• The image must not be borrowed/copyrighted material!
• The haiku must be the poet’s own composition!

NOTE: Preference will be given to HAIKU composed in 17 syllables AND to those that reference Yūgen 幽玄 (mystery, depth)—the theme of last year’s contest.


Please include:

1) Photo of the artist/poet (JPEG, PNG, or other acceptable format. The higher resolution the better.)
2) Artist Bio: About 400 words introducing yourself (artist Bio) and a brief reflection/ your experience with the art form.
3) 3 to 5 images (photos, drawings, paintings) and accompanying haiku. Images should be as high resolution as possible. Scanned images should also be as high resolution as possible (600 dpi or more) and sent as JPEG or PNG.

The haiku text may be included in the image OR sent separately (as a Word.doc, PDF, etc.)


**We regret that we will not be able to include all of the submissions.**

Due date:

February 15, 2022

Send submissions to:

秋田国際俳句ネットワークのジャーナル「Serow(かもしか)」編集部は、2022年初春に出版予定のSerow Vol.5に記載する“俳画”や “フォト俳句”を募集しています。

• 借用してきた画像、他人が著作権を保有する画像は使用しないでください
• 俳句は必ず、本人が句作したものを使用してください。


1) 俳画制作者(芸術家、俳人)の写真

2) 自己紹介と芸術に関する経歴 (日本語か英語どちらでも)

3) 3~5枚の画像(写真、図画、絵画など)とそれに付随する俳句
※写真はできる限り高解像度のものを使用してください。スキャンした画像を使用する場合は、できるだけ高解像度(600 dpi以上)にし、JPEG 形式かPNG形式にして送ってください。






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