The 3rd International Haiku Forum 


The 1st International Haiku Forum was held in celebration of the 29th National Cultural Festival in Akita 2014 at the Akita International University in Japan, October 25, 2014.  As a result, cultural exchanges through haiku have spread throughout the world.

The next year, 2015, the 2nd International Haiku Forum was held, following the big success of the forum in the previous year.  As a result, the participants there got more and more interested in international haiku through appreciating the excellent works of the Japan-Russia Haiku Contest.   

This year, 2017, the 3rd International Haiku Forum is held to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the foundation of Akita International Haiku Association. This forum is held so that it makes a good opportunity for international haiku to spread further among haikuists and haiku lovers as well as among citizens and students in Akita Prefecture.


Participants:  Haikuists, haiku lovers, citizens, and students

Date:  Saturday, 7th October, 2017, 11:00 – 12:00 a.m.

Venue:  Akita International University, Auditorium (4th Floor of A Building)

6th Japan-Russia Haiku Contest:  The announcement of the winning works

                                                                        and the Award Ceremony

Memorial Lecture:  “International Leap of Akita HAIKU”

                                            by Jin Wada (President of Akita International Haiku    Association)

Award Ceremony:  “International Haiku Contribution Award”

Haiku Talk: “About English Haiku”

                            by Hidenori Hiruta (Member of Haiku International Association)

Organizers: Akita International Haiku Network,

                          Akita International Haiku Association

Sponsor:       Akita Sakigake Shimpo

Supporters:  Akita Prefecture, Akita International University, Akita City,

                            The Akita Chamber of Commerce and Industry,

                            The Ishii Rogetsu Society,

                            Japan Broadcasting Corporation Akita Station,

                            Haiku International Association ,

                            The UNESCO Promotion Council






The Results of the 2nd Japan-Russia Haiku Contest


September 14, 2013


1.Akita International Haiku Association held the 2nd Japan-Russia Haiku Contest, receiving the submitted haiku from May 1 (Wednesday) till June 30 (Sunday).

2.  Only one haiku was allowed to be submitted per haiku poet, and there were three sections of Japanese haiku, Russian haiku, and English haiku. One of the languages had to be chosen from among Japanese, Russian, and English in composing and submitting haiku. As a result, 624 haiku were submitted.

3.  304 haiku were submitted for the Japanese haiku section.

294 haiku were submitted from Japan, 6 haiku from Russian Federation, 3 haiku from Romania, and 1 haiku from Ukraine.


4.  62 haiku were submitted for the Russian haiku section.

    45 haiku were submitted from Russian Federation, 6 haiku from Japan, 3 haiku from Belarus, 2 haiku from Bulgaria, Romania, and Ukraine each, 1 haiku from Lithuania and Serbia each.


5.  258 haiku were submitted for the English haiku section.

    93 haiku were submitted from Japan, 30 haiku from Croatia, 21 haiku from United States, 12 haiku from India, 10 haiku from Romania, 7 haiku from Serbia.

     6 haiku were submitted from Germany and New Zealand each.

     5 haiku were submitted from France, Poland, and Russian Federation each.

     4 haiku were submitted from Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Indonesia, Philippines, and United Kingdom each.

     3 haiku were submitted from Austria, Brazil, and Belgium each.

     2 haiku were submitted from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Mongolia, and Montenegro each.

     1 haiku was submitted from Bangladesh, Belarus, Colombia, Ghana, Hungary, Jamaica, Macedonia, Malaysia, Netherlands, Latvia, Lithuania, Switzerland, and Ukraine each.


6.  AIH Award is presented to the winner of each haiku section by Akita

International Haiku Association. The best haiku was selected from among all

the haiku submitted to the three sections each.


7.  JAL Foundation Award is presented to the winners in each section by the JAL Foundation. Two haiku were selected from among the haiku submitted by

 students and children to the three sections.


8.  The certificate of merit and prize will be sent to each prize-winning person by

 mail in October.


9.  The prize-winning haiku and the names of the winners are announced as follows.



AIH Award


The Japanese section




和田留美 (秋田県)  


mimosa blooms

in the woods

a little Haniwa house


Rumi Wada (Akita prefecture, Japan)



The Russian section


Шум прибоя

стихает на миг…

Ну давай, сверчок!


Андреев Алексей (Россия


The sound of waves

Stopped for a moment…

Now it is your turn, cricket!


Aleksey Andreev (Moscow, Russia)



The English section


how little

I know of bird calls

distant thunder


Kala Ramesh  (India)



JAL Foundation Award


The Japanese section




大池梨奈 (大阪府立吹田東高等学校)


The moon is cool

made by my right hand

the telescope


Rina Oike (Suita East Senior High school,Osaka, Japan)



The Russian section


С неба на землю

или с земли на небо –

вьются пушинки…


Анастасия (Россия


From the sky to earth

or from earth to the sky –

whirling snow flakes…


Anastasia (Moscow, Russia)



10. Haiku selected as honorable mentions by each judge appear in the yearly

E- pamphet  Akita – The Land of Poetry  Vol.5  at this website at the end

of September



The next posting ‘詩の国秋田第5号(1) ’ appears on September 21.


Hidenori Hiruta