Saša Važić (ササ・ヴァジック)in Serbia is a freelance journalist, astrologer, translator, writer of prose and poetry, essays, book reviews.





Važić kindly contributed her haiku to International Haiku New Year’s Festival 2011 by Akita International Haiku Network.


on the greeting card                   賀状が 

in the postman’s hand           郵便配達人の手に 

a snowflake melts              雪片が溶ける



Važić is an author of over 1000 articles on various topics which appeared in newspapers and journals, Co-Owner, Co-Publisher and Co-Editor of Simply Haiku, member of the editorial board of Haiku Novine (Niš, Serbia), International Editor for moonset (Oregon, USA), and member of the World Haiku Club and the Haiku Oz (Australia),

Važić’s haiku have been included in over ten national and international haiku anthologies and in a number of national and international haiku magazines. They have been translated into English, Japanese, Chinese, Macedonian, Slovenian, Croatian, German, Czech, Bulgarian, Russian, Polish, Dutch, Norwegian, French, Italian, Hungarian, Romanian and Greek.

Važić is the recipient of a number of awards and commendations in contests held in her country, in Japan (Water, Lake and Sea; Suruga Baika; Basho Festival; Ito en; Mainichi), Germany, Croatia, Bulgaria, Canada, the USA, France and Romania.


light breeze . . .                 軽いそよ風...

on this side of the window       窓のこちら側に

a stale silence                よどんだ沈黙 


(Ito en 2005, Japan, Judge’s award) 




opening the door              ドアを開ける

at night       into a New Year       真夜中が新年へ

a gust of snowflakes            一陣の雪片が


(Basho Haiku Festival 2006, Japan, selected)




first snowflakes                初雪

on the windowpane –           窓枠に ―

darkness and my face           やみと私の顔 


(Still in the Stream 2006, Canada, HM)




strawberry fields . . .              イチゴ畑...  

the rumble of a train breaks      列車の音が壊す

memories                          思い出を 


(Basho Haiku Festival 2010, selected)




guests gone –                お客さんが去る ―

silence meets me               静まり返る 

in every room                 各部屋が


(Yomiuri Shimbun, 2005, Japan)




father’s coffin –               父の棺 ―

a peony petal                牡丹の花びらが

falls                                散る


(Modern Haiku, 2007)




cracked soil                砕かれた土

a day laborer bent         日雇い人夫がかがみ込んだ 

over his shadow              自分の影に


(The Heron’s Nest, 2009)




winter evening                冬の夕

a voice greeting a neighbor     隣に挨拶する声

sounds like my own         自分の声のように聞こえる 


(Simply Haiku, 2004)




going out to check         確かめるために外に出る

if my body exists –      自分の身体が存在するかどうか ―

a cold winter blast               寒い冬の突風


(Mainichi Daily News, 2008)




meadows   meadows   meadows   and the sky, vast   light blue   no birds in sight   nothing above our heads   my brother and i search   for tiny, tiny flowers in the deep grass   he yellow   i white   he blue   i violet   he runs merrily   jumping over ditches   i try to catch up with him   falling   rising   squeezing white   violet flowers   tight in my hand   close   closer   closer and closer   rushing to make someone happy   to be closer   to make her happy   our young mother in the photo   her lips faintly curved in a smile   her sad eyes   between the pages of a book i will never read again

roofless house                 屋根のない家  

wafting through the mist    霧の中に漂っている

a woman’s song                      女の歌


(Simply Haiku, Summer 2010, Vol. 8, No. 1)



 Largely, through her translation efforts she has brought English language haiku poetry, articles and books to Balkan readers and vice versa, Važić is the editor (as well as translator and webmaster) of the bilingual Haiku Reality ( she started in 2004.


 She is the author of an e-book of haiku poetry entitled muddy shoes candy heart, edited by Anita Virgil and published by Peaks Press, USA (


She has translated 25 books of haiku poetry by Serbian and some foreign authors (into English), as well as David G Lanoue’s novels Haiku Guy and Laughing Buddha into Serbian.

Apart from haiku, Važić also writes tanka, haibun and collaborative rengay. 

She also creates haiga, some of which have been published at the World Haiku Association’s website, Kuniharu Shimizu’s website See Haiga Here, Haiku Canada Review, as well as in the Contemporary Haibun published by the Red Moon Press, USA.

Her many longer poems and short stories as well as literary articles and book reviews have also been published in a number of journals, in her country and abroad.




Haiku Reality/stvarnost (About the website)


The idea to create the HAIKU REALITY has been gradually maturing with my better and deeper acquaintance with the haiku world, the world of poetry and those who create it. Finding beauty and secret in it as well as inefficient efforts of those who whole-heartedly want to belong to it, it appears to me both useful and nice to emphasize the beauty and to point to the inefficient in one place through word of all those who want to and can convey it.

The HAIKU REALITY belongs to the whole world and everyone is welcome to come and build it, cherish it and enrich it – some with a haiku verse, some with a text, some with an image…

Hoping that the HAIKU REALITY will grow into a wonderful garden through which everybody would like to take a walk, relax, be inspired by colors and scents and find his or her own flower, all haiku authors are invited to come, see it, and give it their own gift.

All contributions which satisfy the criteria of instructiveness, originality and aesthetic appeal will find their place in the garden of the HAIKU REALITY.

You are welcome to send your contributions to stating the subject (Essays, Criticisms, Analyses…; Book Reviews; Haiku Gallery; Haiku), personal data and a photograph (with your contributions for Essays, Criticisms, Analyses…) and a scanned book front page (Book Reviews). Send up to six unpublished haiku. All other works can be either published or not. If already published, please state the place and date of first publication.

If your work already exists in English and Serbian (or Croatian) please send in both languages.

Comments and suggestions can be sent to the same address.

Your contributions are always welcome, and the HAIKU REALITY will be supplemented depending on the number of works received and their quality.


I sincerely hope that you will have a good time in Saša Važić’s Haiku World, staying and absorbed in the beauties and wonders of her poetry world.

The next posting ‘Haiku by Students at High School (角館高校) in Akita, Northern Japan (Part 1) ‘ appears on March 12. 

 I am sorry that this article was not posted in the website on March 12, for we had the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11. It will appear when a series of ‘Haiku about the Great East Japan Earthquake’ , which begins on April 30,  have finished.

Hidenori  Hiruta  



V E R I C A  Z I V K O V I C in Serbia, author of SHIFT OF THE MOON 月の動き contributed haiku about New Year (2011) to our network on December 8, 2010.




Verica’s haiku are posted in ‘International Haiku New Year’s Festival’ ( Part 5 ) of the website of AKITA INTERNATIONAL HAIKU NETWORK, published on January 5, 2011.


the snowy peak                富士山の雪の峰

of Mount Fuji glistens –             白く輝く 

the New Year moon               新年の月に 



the New Year moon –               新年の月 

she an he, waiting for the train,     男女二人が列車を待つ 

eat the same apple              同じりんごを食べながら 



In addition, Verica Zivkovic kindly translated my haiku into Serbian and published them in Serbian Magazine on December 12, 2010.

She said in her mail as follows:

Dear Mr. Hidenori Hiruta,

It is here English-Serbian version of your haiku poems / my translation into Serbian// I publish your haiku in Serbian Magazine: is it OK???? Please reply immediately. Greetings! verica zivkovic


by Hidenori Hiruta (蛭田 秀法) 



The white thread

                   dropping through              

bare branches


bela nit pada

preko golih grana –








mountains floating

autumn colour



planinama plutaju

jesenje boje




Hidenori Hiruta

Translation: Verica Zivkovic


The message is ready to be sent with the following file or link attachments:
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Note: Dear Hidenori Hiruta, click on the link. It is here your haiku, my translation into Serbian. Greetings! verica zivkovic. Please reply. Did you get it?


Of course, I willingly accepted her offer, which made me very honored and delighted.


As a haiku poet, Verica Zivkovic has won 50 international awards for haiku


I would like to present some of her haiku, dividing them into two parts.

In this former part, I take up 7 haiku with my Japanese translations.

H A I K U  by Verica Zivkovic (ヴェリカ・ジヴコヴィッチ)/ 

English-Serbian Version(英語 セルビア語 版)/


rising sun –            昇るってくる太陽  

the sunflower’s          向日葵の 

dark heads              暗い頭 


izlazeće sunce –

tamne glavice



First Prize / Prva nagrada       特選

Kaji Aso Studio Contest 2009,USA 

(カジ・アソ・スタジオ・俳句コンテスト 2009年、アメリカ)  



midnight moon –         真夜中の月

iced apple sparkles         裸の枝に氷りついた

on the bare branch         林檎の光


ponoćni mesec –

iskri sledđena jabuka

na goloj grani


Second Prize / Druga nagrada         優秀賞 

ITOEN New Haiku Contest 2001, Japan

(伊藤園お~いお茶新俳句大賞コンテスト 2001年、日本)



icy station –             凍った駅  

only cigarette’s glow       タバコの火だけが 

back and forth            行ったり来たり 


ledna stanica –

samo žar cigarete



Second Prize / Druga nagrada       優秀賞

ITOEN New Haiku Contest 2005, Japan

(伊藤園お~いお茶新俳句大賞コンテスト 2005年、日本)




midnight moon –                            真夜中の月

protruding from the ship’s hull    船体から突き出て 

an iceberg glistens                   氷河が白く輝いている


ponoćni mesec –

provirujući iz trupa broda

ledeni breg svetluca


Honorable Mention / Počasno priznanje   入選

VI Mainichi Haiku Contest 2002, Japan

(第六回毎日俳句コンテスト 2002年、日本)



spring moon –                春の月

the abandoned station filled    人気のない駅が一杯だった

with night shadows             夜の影で


prolećni mesec –

napuštena stanica

sa noćnim senkama


Third Prize / Treća nagrada      入選

Kusamakura International Competition  2003, Japan

(「草枕」国際俳句大会 2003年、日本)



Crouched                 しゃがんでいた 

under an umbrella –       傘の下に

a hyacinth seller        ヒヤシンスの売り子が



pod kišobranom –

prodavac zumbula


Selected haiku / Odabran haiku     佳作

Shigureki Haiku Contest 2003, Japan

(しぐれ忌俳句大会 2003年、日本)



cut down forest –             森を伐る ―  

behind the deer antlers      鹿角の向こうに

waxing moon                   月満ちる


posečena šuma –

iza rogova jelena

narasta mesec


Prize winner / Pobednička nagrada     特選

HIA Haiku Contest 2007, Japan

(第9回HIA俳句大会 2007年、日本)



 Last of all, I refer to her brief bio of Verica Zivkovic.



 Verica Zivkovic was born  in Serbia.  She completed grammar school in Pancevo and graduated at the Faculty of law in Belgrade.

Besides poetry, she also writes literary reviews. She has been awarded several times for her poetry. Until now she has won 50 international awards for haiku poetry.
Her poems have been translated into many languages: English, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, German.

She lives in Starcevo near Pancevo, SERBIA (Yugoslavia).

Her e-mail address is:
She had six books of poetry published  “Someone’s Standing Behind you”;
 “A Sickle in Shirt”;  “The Undressed Sky”;  “The Passer-by”;  “Shift of the Moon”;  “The Ripe Blackberry”.












This is the former part of Haiku World of Verica Zivkovic.

I sincerely hope that you will have a good time, exploring her poetic world. 


The next posting ’Haiku World of Verica Zivkovic in Serbia’ appears on February 5.


― Hidenori Hiruta