Haiku about Autumn Rice Fields



On September 30, the activities of our network were reported in the Akita Sakigake newspapers (秋田魁新報:Akita Sakigake Shinpou).

 That afternoon one of the readers sent to us haiku about ‘autumn rice fields’ , or ‘秋の稲田(aki no inada)’ .  The Kanji characters ‘ 秋田‘  are used as the name of Akita City and Akita Prefecture.

The reader is a haiku poet named 伊藤貞順 (Itoh Teijun) living in 能代市 (Noshiro-shi) , Akita.  She also sent us a beautiful picture of the golden rice fields in the countryside.





First of all I’d like to post her haiku.



akizora ni  kiiro kagayaku  inaho  kana  


Under autumn sky

their yellow color is shining

ears of rice



shuukaku ni  inaho katamuku  kiiro kana


For harvest

ears of rice bending down

how yellow!




konjiki no  inaho ni kansha  aki no sora


A lot of thanks

for golden ears of rice

autumn sky




akino kaze  kiiro no unabara  ine minoru


Autumn wind

rice ripen in fields

like a yellow sea


Secondly, I’d like to show you a picture I took at the foot of Mt. Taihei (太平山 Taiheizan) in Akita, and my haiku.


太平山(1) 006



ten takashi  inada mimamoru  Taiheizan


Mt. Taihei

watching rice fields

autumn high skies


Last of all, I’d like to show you haiku written by Matsuo Basho on ‘the Narrow Road to Oku’, in 1689.



wase no ka ya  wakeiru migi wa  Arisoumi


Sweet-smelling rice fields!

To our right as we push through,

The Ariso Sea.

          Translated by Donald keene



― Hidenori  Hiruta




4 Responses to “Haiku about Autumn Rice Fields”

  1. lesliepaints Says:

    Thank-you to both of you for your beautiful poetry and pictures. The rice fields are beautiful.

  2. Hiruta Says:

    Thank you for a nice comment, Leslie san.

  3. enjoyed this Hiruta san

  4. Hiruta Says:

    Thank you for a nice comment,McDonald San

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