Scots haiku by JOHN McDONALD (Part 2)


On July 15, we received two comments for ‘Akita International Haiku Network’ from Scotland. Mr. John McDonald sent his comments to us for encouragement, saying ‘Good Luck!’. He was the first haiku poet to send us comments and presented us with his haiku books.



I’d like to take up one of his haiku books, whose title is ‘THE THROU-GAUN CHIEL’.

I post some of his haiku, showing my free translations of them in Japanese to you.



In his e-mail, Mr. John McDonald noted: In Scotland we have two languages one is Gaelic(which is a Celtic language) and the other – the one I write in – is a Germanic language brought to the British isles from Saxony ( old German ) It was the original english language and the original Scottish language ( in the lowlands of Scotland only – Gaelic was in the highlands )  The language was then refined in England, to become present day english, but in scotland it remained for many years ( mainly 17th, 17th centuries and then was replaced by present day english.) but a few of us like to keep the old language alive hence my poetry ( and some of it indeed still spoken in some areas).

  Here I’d like to show you some scots haiku in his native language as well as in English, and my free translations of them in Japanese. I hope that you’ll enjoy scots haiku.


slaw watter

takkin in the licht

jowellin the troot


slow water

taking in the light

jewelling the trout



danryuu no  torauto kazaru  kuraki chi ni  



drameit o a draigon –

the riven bouk

clootit wi a haiku


dreamt of a kite

the torn body

patched with a haiku



Takono yume  chigire tsukurou  ikku kana



in the clessroom winnock

new bulbs



in the classroom window

new bulbs




Kyousitsu no  mado ni me wo fuku  sinne kana



thigger wifie –

her sheddae

skiffs me


beggar woman –

her shadow  

touches me



Monogoi me  watashi ni fureru  kageboushi



cumulus cluds


pander by


cumulus clouds


drift by



Watagumo ni  hakuchou no mure  ukabi keri



― Hidenori  Hiruta


2 thoughts on “Scots haiku by JOHN McDONALD (Part 2)

  1. This is so interesting to follow. I thank-you for writing and encouraging me to learn about haiku. It is interesting to see these in three languages and I’ve found a favorite today! The “thigger wifie” one captured me and a whole new world opened. I love how the words roll off my tongue in scots’ native language. The english makes me feel solemn and the Japanese writing is a beautiful collection of images. Thank-you.

  2. Leslie White San,
    thank you very much for a nice comment.
    I hope you’ll enjoy our website.
    I also enjoy your nice paintings on your homepage.
    Thank you again.

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