Haiga by Masuda Aika ( Part 4 )


Miss Masuda Aika (桝田愛佳)began painting haiga in her elementary school days.

In summer, 2008, her mother, Ms. Masuda Junko (桝田純子), and David Ferron, an ALT (Assistant Language Teacher) in Akita City, Akita, Japan, took up haiga by Masuda Aika as their haiga project.

We posted their haiga project on the website, dividing it into three stages in November, 2009.

We are very pleased that you appreciated haiga by an elementary schoolgirl in Akita.

Miss Masuda Aika(桝田愛佳), is now a freshman at Seirei Senior High School in Akita, and contributed her haiga to our website again recently.

Her mother, Ms. Masuda Junko (桝田純子) wrote haiku and translated them into English.

 We hope that you will enjoy their haiga and haiku on our website again.


Winter : in the Sixth Grade




Dear Santa Claus,

this is my wish:

You could realize everyone’s dreams

by Aika



Happy New Year!

with my idol

in my arms

by Aika



On graduation

walking with light steps

full of hope

by Aika



Young leaves open  

Singing lessons begin

for graduation

by Junko



In her first year : Sotoasahikawa Junior High School




Freshman ceremony

 brightly shining

the unifrom’s white lines

 by Suiho (Haiga teacher)



 Early in the morning

 parents picked warabi

boiled green

warabi = bracken

 by Junko



I’m home 

 my son played with the sun

as he liked

by Junko



Big fireworks

 disappeaed instant

into the heavens

by Junko



 The fall wind

 breezes in celebration

my birthday

by Junko



In the blue sky

 red leaves are flying


 by Atsushi (Aika’s father)




Happy New Year


by Aika


Happy New Year

                              by Aika


 Demons out!  Good luck in!

by Aika



― Hidenori Hiruta


8 thoughts on “Haiga by Masuda Aika ( Part 4 )

  1. All the haiga kept me in immense poetic ambience.I enjoyed these poems and felt roaming in tiny beautiful villages of Japan.Thank you Mr Hiruta for your poetic endurance.
    With Warm regards
    P K Padhy, India

  2. I like them all, my favored

    …walking with light steps…

    Looking forward to the next presentation! _m

  3. They are beautiful, each and every one. I do have a small preference for the sakura/graduation piece. I enjoyed your pheasant haiku on your site too. Thank you for sharing these.

  4. The haiga were delightful. It is good to see the fine minimalistic imagery. The poems I will read again in order to learn more about Japanese. Thank you.

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