Haiga by Masuda Aika ( Part 5 )


Miss Masuda Aika (桝田愛佳)began painting haiga in her elementary school days.

In summer, 2008, her mother, Ms. Masuda Junko (桝田純子), and David Ferron, an ALT (Assistant Language Teacher) in Akita City, Akita, Japan, took up haiga by Masuda Aika as their haiga project.

 We posted their haiga project on the website, dividing it into three stages in November, 2009.

We are very pleased that you appreciated haiga by an elementary schoolgirl in Akita.

Miss Masuda Aika(桝田愛佳), is now a freshman at Seirei Senior High School in Akita, and contributed her haiga to our website again recently.

Her mother, Ms. Masuda Junko (桝田純子) wrote haiku and translated them into English.

 We hope that you will enjoy their haiga and haiku on our website again.


In her second year : Sotoasahikawa Junior High School





No snow

 even in February

so bright afternoon

by Junko


Green leaves shining  

 she who falls in love

shining too

by Junko



 First hit by my brother  

 even flowers swinging

with joy

by Junko



From a heaven room

 watching fireflies glow

with my best friend

by Junko



  Rokugo’s springwater


 reflecting the sky

by Junko


 In Rokugo, town of water, we can see clouds reflected in the pond of the garden.





 smiling at me

from outside the window

by Aika



Red dragonflies

 basking in the sunshine

friendly with shades

by Junko



 Happy New Year

                                 by Aika



 Favorite pastime

sewing one by one

waiting for spring

by Aika



My dream comes true  

cherry blossoms blooming

in my mind

by Junko


Ms. Doi  Ikuko (土井育子), the best friend of Aika’s mother’s,  presented her Tanka (短歌) to Aika.

Oh, my sweet baby!

Grow up healthy

with the Japanese spirit;



it’s the century flower.


すこやかに 大和魂 育たんや さくら さくらは 世紀の花よ 

Sukoyaka ni  yamato damashii  sodatan ya  sakura sakura wa  seiki no hana yo


The names of all her family members appear in her tanka, says Ikuko.

Her husband’ s name is 世紀(Seiki) (Century), her son’s name is 健太郎(Kentaro) (Healthy boy), her daughter’s name is さくら (Sakura) (Cherry flower), and her name, 育子(Ikuko),  means ‘Sodatsu ‘( Grow up). 





Around there

I felt

as if I heard your voice;

turning around

I found the blue ocean only

By Junko


 In her third year : Sotoasahikawa Junior High School




Spring in full swing

so am I

in the 9th grade at last

by Aika



Soap bubbles

rise in the sky of Tokyo  

school trip

by Aika



Under the sky

the first rose has opened

summer begins

by Aika



First swimming

with the rainbow seen

beyond the pool shower

by Aika


 Mt. Chokai’s flowers


late summer

by Junko


 The last haiga was presented to Yousei Hime, whose blog is SHITEKI NA USAGI ( http://tasmith1122.wordpress.com/).




In the main hall

praying for good luck

winter light outside

by Junko


  ― Hidenori Hiruta



6 thoughts on “Haiga by Masuda Aika ( Part 5 )

  1. I love the jack-o-lantern, it’s very scary! 😉

    I’ve enjoyed this series of haiga very much.

    co-founder/organizer Bath Japanese Festival

  2. These are beautiful. I like how they capture and color a moment. My favorite, by far is the firefly one. Thank-you for these!

  3. lucky usagi
    onigiri–friendship springs
    from simple brushstrokes

    Thank you so much to both Masuda-Sans– Junko and Aika, and Hiruta-San. The haiga is lovely, and I have posted a link already. Luckiest of years to all.

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