Haiku by Lars Palm in Sweden


On February 2, we received an e-mail from Lars Palm, whose title is ‘Some haiku from Lars Palm’.

In his mail Lars Palm introduced himself to us as follows:

my name is Lars Palm & I live in Malmö, in southern Sweden where I work in health care, write (in english since spring 2005), translate, run ungovernable press publishing free pdf-books & blog at mischievoice. i have published about a dozen short books. i send a few haiku for your reading pleasure. i don’t write many of them now, but used the haiku of Buson & Issa (mostly) to learn the art of poetry.


This is a photo of Lars Palm taken in Barcelona (in the stands at Camp Nou) in december by Petra Palm, his lovely wife.

As he mentioned in his mail, Lars Palm lives with his wife Petra, currently in Malmö (southern Sweden). He writes, translates, runs ungovernable press – a small online publishing venture & works in health care. He found haiku early on, just as he was starting to learn the craft of poetry & quickly adopted Issa as his master of the craft. He went on to write thousands of haiku in the following years. In recent years he has found other short forms to play with besides haiku, so they are rarer in his writing now, but still a delight when a good one appears


First of all, we post some of his haiku with their Japanese translation by Hidenori Hiruta.


bus drives

faster than

the rain


Ame  yori mo  basu no supiido  hayashi  kana


even the dog




Inu sae mo  uchi ni  komoreri  soto no sora


glowing orange

the moon bounces

from the sea


Orenji to  umi kara kaeru  tsuki hikaru


gnats dance

the little girl

plays soccer

Hae odori  sakka- o asobu  onna no ko





Tsubame tobi  supottoraito o  tsutsumikomu


warm day

thinking of

other things


Atatakaki  hi no omoi nari  yosogoto ya


Secondly, on March 19, Lars Palm kindly contributed his haiku again, saying that “ i send some more haiku, most of them are new & therefore deal with the slowly approaching spring. i hope you enjoy (at least some of) them.


    can’t see

those trees

slowly dressing


Miezutomo  kigi yuruyaka ni  yoso oeri



returning to faces

& cityscape


Kao iro ni  seiki modoreri  keikan mo



the courtyard

wobbling magpie


Kasasagi ya  nakaniwa yogiru  yurayura to


flung into

nocturnal cop car

for what?


Nan no tame  yoru no patoka-  mi o hirou


lake is in

the boat which

is on land


Mizuumi wa  haya rikujou no  fune ni ari



less white &

more green


Yuruyaka ni  shiro kara midori  iro utsuru



the bench

from the snow


Yuki kiete  moto no sugata no  benchi kana


snow going




Yuki kiete  kuchibue no oto  kikoe keri



singing from across

the courtyard


Haru utau  nakaniwa yogiri  hibiki keri


Last of all, Lars Palm sent us another e-mail: 

 Dear Hidenori,

yes, my daily life is good. a lot of poetry, some reviewing & some translating. had our first real spring rain today, which may signal the end of the three months ice age we’ve been forced to endure. recently had a hay(na)ku sequence published as a small chapbook in a series for haiti relief. march 27 is great. i will go through my haiku tonight, after an international poetry reading i’m attending (just as audience)…

i hope you’re doing well

with best wishes,

We’re very grateful to Mr. Palm for contributing such nice haiku to our website to share with us.

We sincerely hope that you’ll appreciate and enjoy Mr. Palm’s haiku.


― Hidenori Hiruta

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