Tanka by Tsutomu Nimure for Int’l Haiku Spring Festival 2010 (11)


Tsutomu Nimure, a tanka poet, in Akita, Japan, kindly contributed his tanka in celebration of the 1st anniversary of the opening of the Akita International Haiku Network.


He introduces himself as follows:  


Tsutomu Nimure’s way of TANKA 

 As a college student, I had a Japanese class, which dealt Manyoushu. The teacher of the class advised us to write a Tanka poem.  So at some twenty years of age I tried to make a Tanka and got some advice by the teacher. After that time I neglected to make Tanka poems.  At age of 65 I retired, so I have begun to pay attention to Tanka for my hobby. Since that day it has been passed some ten years. In order to know my level I have continued to contribute my Tankas to some newspapers..  I was awarded in 2008 annual prize in Tanka  by Asahi shinbun Akita branch and Mainichi shinbun Akita branch.    (As of Oct. 20, 2009) 

From now on,  Tsutomu Nimure shows his tanka poems in Japanese as well as in English to us. 


/ My Tankas and the Meaning  No.2




 On the way at night

 when a half moon was sinking

 in the west slowly

the exciting cheering voice

of a soccer game was heard.






In a calm chapel

hymns, sung by an angel choir,

were still echoing,
and blessing new bride and groom

who married fore the altar.




 A pair of but’flies

which is a good example

of intimate friends,
flew around a wild flower

lightly, softly, joyfully




Holding their hands hard,

the Oga Peninsula

and Mt.Kanpuzan

are quite harmoniously

helping each other firmly.






Each of the students,

who takes an interview,

shows his character

in answering a question

instantly or leisurely.




A book opened,

new lessons are prepared

for by the teacher,

who has refreshing feelings

before a new semester.






Owing to rainfall,

blossoms at their best scattered

and it was noticed

a cherry-blossom carpet

occupied a wet sidewalk.



 Last of all, let me decorate our on line festival with the collection of photo flowers presented by Patricia Lidia, a haiku poet, in Romania.

The next posting ‘Haiku by Gabi Greve for Int’l Haiku Spring Festival 2010’ appears tomorrow on May 23, the last day of our Haiku Festival.


Hidenori Hiruta

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