Haiku by Narayanan Raghunathan in India (1)


On May 20, 2010, I received a comment on our website from Narayanan Raghunathan.

He says in his comment as follows:

Dear Hiruta-San:

I humbly request you to visit our site


Please translate Haiku which you like into Japanese.
Please post your Haiku and translation on our site: It will surely get translated into other languages.

Narayanan Raghunathan.

 His portrait is taken  by Charles (Satheesh Thittamangalam).


First of all, I would like to introduce him to you.

Narayanan Raghunathan (b. 28th June 1953) son of late Sri Raghunatha Iyer and Smt. Rajalakshmi Raghunathan.

Fields Of Interest 

Om, Philosophy (Upanishads, Vedanta, Sri Aurobindo, Philosophy of Science etc), Universal Mysticism , Poetry (Free Verse, Haiku, Tanka, Senryu etc), Religion (Mantram, Mownam Nyaasam, Sandhyaa Bhaasha Sanskrit Tawhid ), Music (Karnaatik, Dhrupad, Musicology), Dance, Mathematics (Number Theory, Infinite Transcendental Numbers, Set Theory and Foundations of Mathematics, Infinite Continued Fractions, Algebra etc) ~ Photography, Graphics ~  

Two books of philosophical aphorisms published few years ago.

1] Kalki The Last Coming

2] Scrap Bits From The Note-Books Of A Lunatic.


A book on the Mathematical Infinity ~

3] The Solitary Infinity ~ Obituary to Transfinity

Two books of Haiku Poems ~ 

4] Infinite Flame Silences


5] Apocalyptic Rapture  [ With Amanda ]

Founder and director of

Wonder Haiku Worlds.

I was active on various websites related to poetry & Haiku. I wrote as RUDRA & brahman~narayanan in Photo Haiku Gallery & as RUDRA in midnight edition!

Secondly, I would like to present his haiku to you with my Japanese translations.

Mon, Jun 14th 2010 :: English  
a cherry blossom           桜の花 

 falls on the still pond ~     静かな池の上に散る ~
a frog watches              カエルが見守る

Save Earth Campaign ~         地球を救う運動



Mon, Jun 14th 2010 :: English  
summer monsoon ~          夏の季節風 

 musical waters fall in                        音楽的な水が落ちる
subdued light                     弱い光の中に          




Jun 9th 2010:: English  

fireflies flutter away          int蛍がひらひら飛び去る

to the vast sky, become               広漠とした空に 


twinkling stars                キラキラ光る星になる






English translation by Narayanan Raghunathan. Posted on Sat, Jun 5th 2010, 10:54
the crow watches        烏がじっと見る 
own crow’s face on  自分の顔を 
the water’s face 水面に映った
May 22nd 2010 :: English  
jumping over              跳び越える  
the twilight sky ~           薄明かりの空を ~ 
a ruby puddle                  真紅の水たまり      


May 16th 2010 :: English  
lone star twinkles          ひとつ星がキラキラ光る 

 on an ancient sky ~        太古の空に ~ 

a fragrant breeze                 良い香りのそよ風 




Jun, 16th 2010 :: English  
i cough ~                   私はせきをする ~ 
a thunder for ants at        ありたちにとっては雷  
the coffee pond                コーヒーのたまりで


May 11th 2010 :: English  
a dandelion                 タンポポが
 evades evades evades        逃れる 逃れる 逃れる  
the child’s hand           子供の手を


May 11th 2010 :: English  
a dove perches                               鳩がとまる 

 on a winter minaret ~     冬の光塔に ~
evening namaz                 夕方のnamaz



May 11th 2010 :: English      
an ant walks              アリが歩く 
through the hieroglyphs     象形文字を通って 
of my ant haiku             私のアリの俳句の  


Tue, May 11th 2010 :: English  
coffee lake ~                 湖でコーヒー  
ants’ suicide squad         アリの自殺分隊が 
arrives to conquer         征服するために着く


May 11th 2010 :: English  
table-top cosmos ~           テーブルの上のコスモス ~ 
a fly flutters among           ハエがパタパタ飛ぶ  
scurrying ants                  動き回るアリの間を


May 8th 2010 :: English  
dove orchid ~                 はと色のラン ~ 

 a blue butterfly in                     青い蝶々
fragrant sunlight              香りの良い日光の中の



May 8th 2010 :: English  
vanda blooms ~            ヴァンダの花が咲く ~ 

 ants investigate yellow           アリたちが調べる 黄色い
orchid architecture        ランの建築物を



Apr 13th 2010 :: English  
spring rain ~            春の雨 ~
 a squirrel descends            リスが駆け下りる 
the bamboo pole               竹の棒を


Last of all, I would like to show you his photos to you.

I sincerely hope that you will enjoy haiku and photos by Narayanan Raghunathan.

The next posting ‘Haiku by Richard Stevenson’ appears on June 26.


Hidenori  Hiruta

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