Haiku about the Great East Japan Earthquake (11)

On March 14, 2011, Victor Gendrano, a haikuist friend of mine in USA, contributed his haiga with his haiku to me.


world in grief                悲嘆の世界
prayers of hope               希望の祈り

Victor Gendrano (Lakewood, CA, USA)

Victor says in his comment on this haiga:

 The poem in this haiga is in Mainichi’s Tsunami poetry archive here: http://mdn.mainichi.jp/features/haiku/etc/archive/tsunami.html

Ashley Wood, of England, who did the artwork, and I, from California, join the world in sending our fervent thoughts and prayers to Japan and its people. No estan solo! Hindi kayo nag-iisa! You are not alone! – Victor P. Gendrano

Victor Gendrano has his blog, which I hope you will check out.



Verica Živković, a haikuist friend of mine in Serbia, contributed two haiku to me.

Verica’s haiku were selected and published in the Mainich Daily News of the Mainichi Shimbun (毎日新聞).

Haiku in English – The Mainichi Daily News



after the tsunami              津波の後
the man standing
on his floating roof


after the tsunami              津波の後
the spring moon reflected
on a floating window


On April 8, Verica Živković published the poems The sun is shining in the haiku journal, sending me a message saying

Dear Hidenori,

it is here my /our/ poem for you.

click on the link.

Be well. The sun is shining. verica

The poems by Verica Živković , which were written in English and Serbian, appeared with the Japanese translations by Hidenori Hiruta in Japan and the German translations by Horst Ludwig inUSA.

Here is a photo of the rising sun.


IZLAZEĆE SUNCE Verice Živković na japanskom,engleskom, nemačkom i srpskom

Veröffentlicht am April 8, 2011 von dijaspora

IZLAZEĆE SUNCE Verice Živković
na japanskom,engleskom, nemačkom
i srpskom






The Rising Sun

Here is my home —
where the sun rises
and shines forever.

I am alive now,
and I will live
like an infinitely
bright sky. —
I am a man
of the rising sun,
I am the Japanese
evergreen oak!

Die aufgehende Sonne

Hier bin ich zu Haus —
wo die Sonne aufgeht
und für immer scheint.

Ich lebe jetzt,
und ich lebe immer
wie ein unendlich
heller Himmel.—
Ich bin ein Mensch
der aufgehenden Sonne,
Ich bin die japanische
immergrüne Eiche.

Izlazeće sunce

Moj dom je ovde —
gde sunce izlazi
i večno sija.

Ja sam živ sada,
i ja ću živeti
kao beskrajno
sjajno nebo. —
Ja sam čovek
izlazećeg sunca,
ja sam japanski
zimzeleni hrast!

Author:  Verica Živković, Serbia
Rendition into Japanese:
Hidenori Hiruta, Japan
Deutsche Fassung:
Horst Ludwig: USA

Next, as I told you in the last article, I would like to show you around Crane’s Castle (Turuga Castle:鶴ヶ城 Tsuruga-jō) in Fukushima prefecture (福島県).

The castle is formally called Aizuwakamatsu Castle (会津若松城 , Aizuwakamatsu-jō) , but is usually Wakamatsu Castle (若松城, Wakamatsu-jō).

The following photos are your guide around the castle.




Last of all, let me post my haiku on Crane’s Castle.




no green rain

Mt. Bandai floating up 

Crane’s Castle



The next posting ‘News from HIA : 3.11 Haiku‘  appears on July 16.


― Hidenori Hiruta

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