Haiku from Romanian Poets for AIU Festival 2011 (4)

On October 9 and 10, 2011, AIU Festival was held at Akita International University(国際教養大学)in Akita prefecture(秋田県), Northern Honshu, Japan.

The festival, whose theme is HOOP ~世界とハチあわせ!~, had 3 Philosophies : Academic(学問), Culture(文化), and Entertainment(楽しさ).

 The AIU President, Dr. Mineo Nakajima(中嶋嶺雄学長)says in the AIU Festival pamphlet as follows:

 挨拶 Greetings





 本学では「国際教養 (International Liberal Arts) 」という21世紀型の新しいコンセプトのもとで、学生諸君が本当によく学び、着実に成長しており、学長としてこれほどの喜びはありません。日本人学生・留学生諸君が、日々の厳しい日課を離れて、思いっきり羽を伸ばし、各自の個性を発揮して、お友達や家族の方々、教職員、地域の皆さん、そして秋田市民や県民の皆様とともに第8回AIU祭を盛り上げ、楽しく実り多いAIU祭になりますことを期待しております。また、今回のAIU祭が本学の目指す国際貢献と地域貢献の一環になることを強く願っています。


2011年秋 学長 中嶋 嶺雄

The AIU students enjoyed the festival in their own ways.

Some of the students enjoyed taking a stroll around the campus.





Some of the students from overseas started preparing for the AIU festival in July for the purpose of making the Haiga postcard charity sale.

They visited the Kanmanji Temple 蚶満寺)in Kisakata, where they found Basho’s haiku tablet in the temple garden, and they got very inspired to write haiku in Japanese and paint haiga pictures.

Here is a photo of the tablet.



They donated money to those who experienced the Great East Japan Earthquake.


Some Romanian haiku poets also donated their haiga or haiku to the AIU festival in order to show their condolences, prayers, or hopes through the exhibition to the Japanese people.

Let me post haiga or haiku, dividing them into seven parts.

Here is the fourth part of them.



Cezar F.Ciobîcă


After tsunami
a dog giving an example
to the human race


津波の後 ―





Waiting for the news –

the children folding

only paper cranes


知らせを待つ ―





for every missing man

a haiku


福島 ―




literary circle
everyone reads
only haiku


文学サークル ―




Crying woman
with a hina doll
among ruins


泣いている女性 ―




gloomy day
a cherry tree  lightening
our hopes

どんよりした日 ―

一本の桜の木 明るくしている



falling cherry blossoms –

another shrouds

for the dead


桜吹雪 ―





Doina Wurm



Souls in the mud
The new born roots arising
Boughs of the lotus






Wave over the shore-
Blossom of the sakura
Abyss in the dark


浜辺を蔽う波 ―




Not a single plane-
A flight into the unknown;
The birds in Sendai


飛行機は一機もない ―




Not a single tweet-
Only the crane
`s crying
Sendai, Sendai, Send…








Translated into Japanese by Hidenori Hiruta

The next posting ‘Haiku from Romanian poets for AIU Festival 2011 (5)’ appears on December 17.


Hidenori Hiruta



2 thoughts on “Haiku from Romanian Poets for AIU Festival 2011 (4)

  1. Amid the Japanese Garden, Center of universe, Where God exists, Changing flowers and birds, winds and moon, with the sound of river and Nature, Beautiful Crane

    At Mid-summer Night’s Dream, Angles get together, Dance with Joy, Twinkling like an evening star, in the dark sky, Beautiful Crane

    Snow Goddes, Shining in the Sea, Illuminating in marine blue, With dolphins surrounding her, Beautiful Crane

    Winding down a flight of stairs, Made of peacock feather and flowers, Toward the center of universe, Beautiful Crane

    Golden Pavilion, Illuminating in history, Feeling jealousy, Caught in fire, Nothing exists ” Golden Pavilion” by Yukio Mishima, Beautiful Crane

    Trojan horses sung in Odyssey? With sky in marine blue, Snow at the top of monuntain, A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse! Richard Ⅲ, Beautiful Crane

    Center of beauty scattered, to the every direction flower faces, with variety of colors, Galle created via stuructural transformation, at beloved Elsàss France, at esteemed Art Nouveau, Beautifu Crane

    Okuni, Dance with Gods, More than Eight Millions
    Feb. 18, Izumo no Okuni, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Izumo_no_Okuni Originator of Kabuki, danced by Yuka Mizuki, in Nihon Buyou
    1. http://www.nihonbuyou.or.jp/english/ “What is Nihon Buyou?”
    2. http://www.nihonbuyou.or.jp/pdf/2012kyoukai.pdf “2/18 Izumo no Okuni”
    3. http://yuka.kmlw.net/profile.html “Yuka Mizuki”

  2. 両親が秋田に生まれた事を大変誇りに思います。財団法人日本数学検定協会では3月14日を数学の日(π=3.14)と定め、数字に関する俳句を日英で募集しております。詳細と日本語は
    英語は、上記アドレスに記載されております個人情報取り扱いをご覧になられたうえで m.hosobe@su-gaku.netに投稿ください。

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