Let haiku be on the UNESCO list! (47)


Let haiku be on the UNESCO list!

On March 13, 2016, Ms. Caroline Nazareno-Gabis a.k.a. Ceri Naz, kindly sent me an e-mail as follows.

Dear Hidenori-san,

I am Caroline Nazareno Gabis a.k.a. Ceri Naz, World Poetry International Director to Philippines and World Union of Poets-President for the virtual gallery of the Philippine poets, would also love to extend my voice with you, let haiku be one of the heart of our poetry and arts in the UNESCO!

Haiku became one of my mental neurobics or mind exercise before i go to bed, so let’s do haiku-ing!


herein attached  are my sample arts with haikus. 

thank you for your time and consideration 


Long live haiku enthusiasts all around the world!

All the best,

Caroline Nazareno-Gabis a.k.a. Ceri Naz


Here is a photo of CAROLINE NAZARENO.




Here is a short bio note of CAROLINE NAZARENO.




Caroline Nazareno-Gabis a.k.a. Ceri Naz, known as a ‘poet of peace and friendship’. She won several International Prizes including  ‘’The Amazing Poet Award 2015’’ by Writers International Network Society-Canada, The Frang Bardhi Literary Prize 2014 (Albania), the sair-gazeteci  or Poet Journalist Award 2014 (Tuzla, Istanbul, Turkey) and  World Poetry Empowered Poet 2013 (Vancouver, Canada).


Here are photos and haiku by CAROLINE NAZARENO.


roots (photo)


roots of my mind


forming sunny days

light of free willing morning

roots of genesis


~ photo and haiku © ceri naz/Philippines

Published in Prolific Press




synaesthete shell (photo)


synaesthetic vibes

glimpses and mimics of youth

conchologist’s eyes


photo-art & haiku by ceri naz



synaesthete shell


rainbow ladders (photo)


Three rainbow ladders

Mirrors after the rainfall

Colors of wonder


photoart and haiku

© ceri naz/Philippines  06-30-2015




By Hidenori Hiruta

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