Haiku in Albania : アルバニアの俳句(1)


On June 28, 2017, Mr. Kujtim Agalliu, kindly sent to Hidenori Hiruta an e-mail whose subject is “Hi”, saying as follows.


 Honorable poets and leaders of Haiku International Association (HIA), we once received a magazine from Haiku International Association, and it was a good job, but after the death of our friend, the President of the Albanian Haiku Club, Mr. Milinov Kallupi, this correspondence was interrupted. I have taken this task and am trying to reorganize the Albanian Haiku Club, but I am at the beginning and have no experience.

 Here on the Web I found this email address and I’m addressing you to send me some details about this issue. Soon we will send you two Haiku books in two languages, English and Albanian written by our poets.

 Maybe you can help me by giving me an address where exactly we can send  our books.

 I’m waiting for your answer,

 Good job!

 Kujtim Agalliu,

 President of the Albanian Haiku Club


Here is a portrait of Mr. Kujtim Agalliu.



Mr. Agalliu kindly sent two Haiku books with their bios and a short introduction of the haiku in Albania.


Here is Haiku by Kujtim Agalliu.


On haiku’s wings,

flying around the wide-world

without a passport.



Here is a short introduction for the beginning and evolution of the Haiku in Albania


At the 1984s for the first time in the Albania territory, the publishing house of Kosovo published an Anthology of the Japanese Haiku, which were represented from a lot of authors. It was prepared and interpreted with notes from the painter and Academician Shyqyri Nimani, who for some months studied in Japan for the pattern art.


              At Albania in the year 1990, the publishing house “Naim Frasheri” published, an Anthology a little enlargement of the Japanese Haiku, where an honored place found the Japanese poets of Haiku. It was translated with a grand mastery by the well-known translator Petraq Kolevica.


              At the year 1996, the publishing house “Onufri” published the first book with title “Hiroshima Out From Me”, with the original Haiku of the poet Betim Muço a well-known professor, who for some time studied at Japan.


              After three years later at 1999s the poet and well-known scholar Moikom Zeqo, published his first book with Haiku with title “The After Death Terza Rima of Japonese Dante”.

              At the year 2000, the poet Milianov Kallupi published his first book with Haiku titled “The Rain Chrysanthemums”. Since that time and now this poet has published 12 books with Haiku. Three from them are published in English, Greek and Macedon language.


              Little by little the interest for haiku poems began to grow and in the year 2001 came the time for the Albanian Club-Haiku to be founded with its center in Elbasan, because in that city the poets created an encouraging climate.


              So in the year 2002 four poets together: Milianov Kallupi, Nexhip Ejupi, Rakip Zhguni and Flamur Luta, published the first Anthology titled “Aurora”


              Area that involved The Albanian Haiku is broad. Its group has well-known poets as Petraq Kolevica, Betim Muco, Moikom Zeqo, Milianov Kallupi, Nexhip Ejupi, Petraq Risto, Anton Papleka, Dashamir Cacaj, Ahmet Mehmeti, Konstandin Dhamo, Nasho Jorgaqi, Qazim Shemaj, Ferit Rama, Shuaip Garuci, Mihal Disho, Iliriana Sulkuqi, Agim Vinca, Kujtim Agalliu ect.


The Haiku publication don’t enclose only with editions in the different literary periodicals as “Drita”, “Fjala”, “Fakti”, “Temp” and “ARS”, but also with organization of the different discussions, inaugurations and disseminations.


              Albanian Club-Haiku made the member of the International Association of Haiku some months ago. It has contact with many Associations in the wide world: Macedon, Germany, Greece, America and so on….   

At current time Albanian haiku has done a good progress, but anyhow it still is a fragile poetry. This is because our poets even have not due knowledge about it. We hope that in the future we will have a good support from fatherland of Haiku, Japan.   



Kujtim Agalliu,

President of Albanian Haiku Club












































Edited and interpreted by Hidenori Hiruta(Member of HIA)

編集・翻訳 蛭田秀法(国際俳句交流協会会員)


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