Reminder of 7th Japan – Russia Haiku Contest (English Version)







Postscript (後記)


The Great Earthquake in 830



Here are two interpretations on the great earthquake in Akita Prefecture in 830.






The great earthquake broke out in Katsuhira Heights and the area around them at about 8 o’clock a.m. of January 3, 830. The earthquake was so great as to divert the course of the Omono River by tsunami, a tidal wave.

The vast area of the heights was collapsed to a large extent.

Shoheiji Temple built there is said to have been completely broken with some stone Buddhist images buried in the sand and other ones carried away by the wave into the Omono River or into the sea.



A Stone Buddhist Image Pulled out of the Sea in 1185

文治1(1185)年に 海から引き上げられた石仏


Here is a photo of the stone Buddhist image pulled out of the sea.



It is said that one day in 1185, local fishermen pulled a fishing net to their boat from the sea, finding a stone Buddhist image approximately 150 centimeters tall in the net.



The Erection of Peace Kannon in 1952

昭和27(1952)年 平和観音建立










A World Story Heritage “OMUSUBI –JIZO”

A Rice Ball Folk God, Pulled Out of the Sea: Published in 2011 

平成23(2011)年 世界物語遺産 『海から上がったおむすび地蔵さん』 出版


In 2011, this story was written and published by Mitsuko Saito (さいとうみつこ),whose  pseudonym is “Shinyo Saito” 「齊藤心葉」.


Here is part of her book.









Last of all, we sincerely hope that you will appreciate messages from the heart of Ms. Shinyo Saito.


By Hidenori Hiruta


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