Book Announcement! “Haiku Lake Tazawa” by Hidenori Hiruta

Hidenori Hiruta of the Akita International Haiku Network has published a new collection of haiku titled Haiku Lake Tazawa.

Here are a few pages from the collection:


 Preface                           3

The Lake of Mystery                     4

The Legend of Tatsuko-hime                 14

Gozanoishi-jinja Shrine                   21

Hyakusui Hirafuku’s Dream                 29

The Extinction of Kunimasu                  33

The Lakeside Now                      39

Tazawako Kogen                       54

The Discovery of Kunimasu                  59

Prayers                           68

Postscript                          72

Bibliography                        73

Mokichi Saitō composed three pieces of tanka about the legend of Tatsuko-hime. How sorrowful Tatsuko-hime is! He felt deep sorrow at her fate. Fulfilling her wish, she became a dragon as the god of the lake. Retaining eternal beauty, she lived in the dragon palace. However, the lake turned into a dam lake in 1940. The legend was completely lost. The statue of Tatsuko-hime was erected in 1968 on the shore of Katajiri.

crying for revival
on the lake


Voice of Kunimasu

We had persisted in this lake over several glacial and interglacial periods, and had coexisted with the local people living on the lakeside until January 20, 1940. However, we had to leave our bodies that year. We have been wandering in the universe. As for me, thanks to the gods, I have today turned into a cloud, floating in the heavens above the lake. I heartily hope that we will return to Lake Tazawa.     

Summer night’s dream –
swimming in the depths
all the year round


  • ASIN : B08XP115X1
  • Publisher: Akita International Haiku Network 
  • Publication Date: 2021/2/27
  • Langugae: English
  • File Size: 23115 KB
  • Page length: 72 pages

2 thoughts on “Book Announcement! “Haiku Lake Tazawa” by Hidenori Hiruta

  1. Dear Hidenori Hiruta Sama: Congratulations on your new book!
    I sent you an email twice (from, and it was returned. Then I tried a third time, from a different mailbox ( This time I wish you could receive it. Otherwise could you please give me a different address? -Chen Xiaoou

  2. Dear CHEN Xiaoou Sama,

    Thank you very much for your email and your fine works of poetry.

    We would like to share your works with our friends on the website in the near future.

    Please send ten pieces of your poetry, and some photos if possible.

    Best wishes,

    Hidenori Hiruta

    Akita International Haiku Network

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