Winners of the contest Haiku – Spring 2021



Haiku Club of Professor Alexander Dolin

Winners of the contest   Haiku – Spring 2021

(composed in English)

Tatyana  Shevchenko
                        Татьяна Шевченко 

Red and yellow leaves
Falling on a dark lake
Dressing it for winter

Jolly yellow leaves
Stuck in my black hair
I wear a starry sky

Night frost. 
Squirrel looks out of the hollow:
trees are like sugar sticks.

years are flying by!
more and more children in the yard 
every New Year

this spring night
I can't sleep again -
Songs of the cats. 

Here is a photo presented by Ms. Tatyana Shevchenko .

Olga Korban
                Ольга Корбан 

Cat's nose 
hidden under the blanket-
Winter's coming.

Waiting for blossom
but Siberia is harsh-
snowbanks everywhere  

My personal spring always with me-
watching it every day-
a blossom tattoo 

Here is a photo presented by Ms.Olga Korban.

Leyla Kulieva
              Лейла Кулиева 

my futon
occupied by cat
head on the pillow

every day
I am looking forward
to the song of skylark 

spring breeze,
gently caressing
naked branches 

hubbub on the branch
arguing fervently
a rook and a sparrow

chilly wind,
pestering again
a sleepy crow

Rada Darchik
                      Рада Дарчик 

the first dawn —
evergreen needles
stumped into snow

scattered notebooks:
years of plans and dreams —
first buds on dog-rose

dreaming of the sea
by the frozen window,
a handful of pebbles

spring from now on!
a plum tree blooming wildly
from an old postcard.

stop and look —
blades of grass are growing 
through dead leaves.

Here is a photo presented by Ms. Rada Darchik .

Artemiy Shangin
                  Артемий Шангин 

A long day at work
At last I can embrace
My lovely bed

An old friend
Is paying me a visit
This warm sunny day

Asphalt is dry
It can only mean one thing:
Spring is beginning

Diana Barieva
                      Диана Бариева 

New spring:
A fan bursts with plum blossoms
Under my brush

Unfairly forgotten
But still deserving a poem — 
My shabby chair

Floating world
Still in the tranquil mirror
Spring floods

Polina Kuznetsova
                  Полина Кузнецова 

sleepless nights
the deadline is coming
I need more coffee

gurgling river sounds
flock of honking geese 
a sparrow’s sweet song.

a fresh breeze 
blew from outside —
a plant on the windowsill 

Natalya Vtorova
                      Наталья Второва 

On the cold ground
through the dirty leaves -
a green sprout .

The downpour passed
and the grass outside 
became even greener...

A light dress hangs alone
in the closet.

Alexandra Sharyukova
                          Александра Шарюкова 

An open  window 
Sweet smell of lilac 
All over the room

Birds are back
New nests on the trees 
Spring brings lives 

My sparkling eyes 
Love  in bloom

Here is a photo by Ms. Alexandra Sharyukova.

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