World Haiku Series 2022 (2) Haiku by Alan Summers

World Haiku Festival 2002

In September, 2002, World Haiku Festival 2002 was held in Yūwa of Akita City, Akita Prefecture, Japan.

James W. Hackett, Susumu Takiguchi, Alan Summers, Carmen Sterba, Dennis M. Holmes, Janine Beichman, Bruce Ross, 孫順玉, Janine BEICHMAN, Daniel Gallimore, Judit Vihar, Visnja McMaster, Deborah Russell, Debi Bender, Brian Selby, David Barsky, Kirby Record, Katsushi Wada, Matsuko Teraoka, Ikuyo Yoshimura, Eiko Yachimoto, Minako Noma, Kazuhiro Kudo, Tatsuhiko Taira, Hidenori Hiruta, and the other haiku poets participated in the festival.

L-R standing: Matsuko Teraoka, Deborah Russell, Alan Summers, Daniel Gallimore, Susumu Takiguchi, Debi Bender, Matsuo Basho (statue), Judit Vihar, Bruce Ross.

L-R seated: Brian Selby, David Barsky, Visnja McMaster

Alan Summers’ Travelogue

In January 26, 2010, Alan Summers kindly sent his travelogue to the Akita International Haiku Network.

Please check out the sites below, and you will be able to appreciate the travelogue.

5 haiku from his travelogue

in-between seasons

the tsukutsukubõshi buzz

of “not yet Autumn”


Toshogu shrine pines

I try to stay as still –

mist and dew


in-between season

I follow the Mogami River

by riceboat



a present of haiku cards to play

on the long train journey




Tokyo Bullet train –

only three corners

to my bento box




Dennis M. Holmes’ Memory

On January 25, 2010, Hidenori Hiruta received the first mail from Mr. Holmes through Facebook:

Did we perhaps meet at the World Haiku International Conference, 2002, held in Yūwa Town, near Akita? I attended as part of the World Haiku Club.
I enjoyed the area very much. It was September but the fall colors were not yet full. There were many red dragonflies, (akatonbo), as I recall.

Dennis M. Holmes (my haigou, “chibi”)

Our friendship renewed then.

He really loves Japan and Haiku.

Please check out the site below, and you will find how Dennis enjoyed haiku.

5 haiku by Dennis M. Holmes

Golden Rice ―
Open the lunch Box


Her eyes
Light up the AKITA


Red dragon fly stay
On the fox shrine


The slope of hills
Fields of flowers 


Wild chrysanthemums
I will roll on
Its path


Dennis also presented a photo of cherry blossom-viewing during his another trip to Japan.

6 shahai/photo haiku and 4 unpublished haiku by Alan Summers

Shahai/photo haiku and the single line poems are very meaningful, ingenious, and expressive.

We sincerely hope that they will get more popular and more universal in the future.

About the following Posting

The Akita International Haiku Network is also going to introduce Japanese haiku from the following posting on, if possible.  

One thought on “World Haiku Series 2022 (2) Haiku by Alan Summers

  1. Many thanks for sharing these moments with haiku poets and the photos, Hidenori San. I truly wish I were there in Akita.🌸🌸

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