World Haiku Series 2022 (2) Haiku by Alan Summers (England)


(6 shahai/photo haiku and 4 unpublished haiku)

mist and dog

the weather forecast

for today

Alan Summers

Commissioned video presentation

“SHAHAI: The art of three: photography; haiku; typography”

copyright Alan Summers 

“Photographs and Words” (Alan Summers and Karen Hoy with Stewart Wall)

Royal Photographic Society (30th March 2022) 

Journal publication credit:

best haiga ed. Lavana Kray (May 2022)

Anthology credit: 

Our Garden: The Haiku Foundation Volunteers Anthology 2022

ed. Jim Kacian & Julie Bloss Kelsey

sleeping rough 

I make more room

for the Milky Way

Alan Summers

Publication Credit: Brass Bell Night Haiku (December 2015)

Anthology Credit: Yanty’s Butterfly (Haiku Nook Anthology)

ed. Jacob Salzer and the Nook Editorial Staff (2016)

sleeper train
a snowshoe hare                                       from Narnia 

Alan Summers

First publication & Anthology credit:

Desert Rain: Haiku Nook: An Anthology: Volume I (Haiku & Senryu)

ed. Jacob D. Salzer & Nook Editorial Staff (May 2022)

book review credit:

Frogpond issue 45:3 Autumn 2022

reviewed by Tom Sacramona Frogpond Editor-in-Chief


Alan Summers 

Publication credit: 

whiptail: journal of the single-line poem

issue 5: as the now takes hold (November 2022)

cover image for page feature

ed. Kat Lehmann, Robin Smith, and guest editor Jonathan Roman

war moon

the flickering of humans

at birdsong

Alan Summers


First Publication Credit:

Asahi Shimbun (Japan 2015)

the blood moon issue, Oct 2 for the eclipse of 9/28

Anthology Credit: Heart Breaths: Book of Contemporary Haiku ed. Jean LeBlanc

Article: Haiku: The Art of Implication over Explication (Living Haiku Anthology)

Feature/Interview: Meet… Alan Summers Seashores Issue 9 (November 2022)

Interview by Gilles Fabre

Reading / Performance:

International Page and Stage “Short form Poets from around the world” Northern Ireland (27th November 2022) introduced by Shelley Tracey

the way to the woods foxgloves vanishing tails 

Alan Summers  

Publication credit:

Blo͞o Outlier Journal issue 3  the natural history haiku edition (Summer 2022)

dedicated to Gene Murtha editor: Alan Summers

nether hours the universe loses its matching socks

Alan Summers   


the bright room of snow huddled in a present

Alan Summers   


soonlight it switches the night snowfell

Alan Summers   


where snow lies the tingle of spent champagne

Alan Summers   



Alan Summers is the founder of Call of the Page supporting writers worldwide: 

He is founder/editor:

The Haiku Reader anthology series

Blo͞o Outlier Journal 

The Babylon Sidedoor

photohaijin: the shahai journal (forthcoming)

More about Alan Summers at Haiku Basecamp:


Andy Green-Mann artwork of Alan Summers photograph

mist and dog

530kb b&w mist and dog shahai by Alan Summers venue Mortimores Wood bolted plate

Comma butterfly shahai ©Alan Summers DSC09258

sleeper train shahai Screenshot 2022-07-16 at 19.16.33 

full shahai artwork:

Alan Summers shahai fireflies submission to Whiptail

close up of the words fireflies:

fireflies upclose crop Screenshot 2022-10-06 at 12.06.26 

war moon ben and sam shahai by Alan Summers

bloo outlier issue 3 cove DSC05874 ash keys crop  


5 thoughts on “World Haiku Series 2022 (2) Haiku by Alan Summers (England)

  1. Stunning work, Alan. I loved all the pieces shared here, just could choose one favourite amongst them.
    Thanks, Hidenori, for this treat.

  2. Exciting work, Alan. What a lovely surprise to find you here, tired after a trip. I’m instantly revived.
    Thank you Hidenori. Alan’s work is indeed a treat.

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