World Haiku Series 2022 (14) Haiku by Bina (India)

Haiku by Bina


how tranquil the sun

like Rumi meditating

on the evening sea.

Note: About Rumi

Rumi as he’s popularly known (original name: Jalal Al-Din Muhammad Rumi) was a 13th century Persian poet, scholar, theologian and a Sufi mystic from Iran. 

Bina is deeply drawn to the meditative quality of Rumi’s philosophical and spiritual thoughts. She is not a religious person, but she feels inclined towards spiritual ruminations.


you are an atom

in the cosmic scheme of things

an atom am i.


in the still water

of a languid salt lake

sky’s eternity.


climbing the mountain
of a meandering life
nirvana finds me.


reticent rain clouds

drift into an evening sky

like slow afterthoughts.


arms flung to the sky,

seducing the monsoon clouds

thirsty field beckons.


an open window

the wind howls across the sea

how intense its call.


The ocean’s wise waves
know they will always return
the shore’s seductive.


a pale autumn moon

the tree sings in solitude

to its fallen leaves.


the earth is my womb

the earth is a precious tome

of rich narratives.


Bina is a poet, fiction-writer, art curator and founder-editor-designer-publisher of International Gallerie, a global arts and ideas journal since 1997. 

Her second book of poems ‘Fuse’ has been taught at Towson University, USA. 

Her 7th book, ‘Ukiyo-e Days… Haiku Moments’ has just been released in 2023.  

Her poems have been translated into French, Spanish, Greek, Chinese, Arabic and Urdu. 

Amongst other awards, she has received the Times Group Yami Women Achievers’ Award, in 2008, and the FICCI/FLO award for excellence in her work, in 2013.

Latest Book by Bina

Bina’s book,’Ukiyo-e Days… Haiku Moments’ was first published with INTRODUCTION of Hidenori Hiruta in October 2022 by RED RIVER.

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