World Haiku Series 2022 (16) Haiku by Charlotte Digregorio (USA)

Haiku by Charlotte Digregorio

after our quarrel . . . 

oak leaves splotch 

my windshield 

Haiku Canada Review, February 2022 

 walking the beach 

currents carry a jellyfish . . . 

the sting of Mom’s death

 Honorable Mention 

2022 Poetry Challenge 

Highland Park Poetry, Highland Park, IL (USA) 

 in the park 

beside wildflowers 

homeless tents 

Haiku Canada Members’ Anthology 2022 

spring again . . . 

his promises 

cloud the pink moon

First Place 

Joe McClard Haiku Award (USA), April 2022

at our picnic 

old prisoner of war savors 

watermelon seeds 

Asahi Haikuist Network, July 2022 

after church 

on a seaside stroll 

salt breeze whispers hymns

First Place 

Marie Brass Haiku Award (USA), June 2022 

tide cleanses my feet . . . 

i raise my palms 

to sunlight

First Place 

Richard Lewis Award (USA), August 2022 

sitting on driftwood 

i dream about the man 

sculpting a sand whale

The Volunteer Anthology, 2022 

The Haiku Foundation 

Mother visits . . . 

a spider in the corner 

spins my white lies

Haiku Canada Review, October 2022

conch shell . . . 

listening to the surge 

of silence 

Honorable Mention 

Ouachita Life Magazine (USA), October 2022

at the park 

i practice handstands . . . 

maple leaves cartwheel

First Place, Modern Haiku Award 

Illinois State Poetry Society Annual Contest, 2022


Charlotte Digregorio (USA), a retired professor, has authored seven award-winning books, the latest of which is Ripples of Air: Poems of Healing, an inspirational poetry/reference book that is particularly apropos for our challenging times. It contains many Japanese forms.

She is also the author of Haiku and Senryu: A Simple Guide for All, and Shadows of Seasons: Selected Haiku and Senryu by Charlotte Digregorio. She was honored by the Governor of Illinois in 2018 for her decades of achievements in the literary arts.

Digregorio writes fifteen poetic forms, has won seventy-three poetry awards, and was nominated for four Pushcart Prizes.

Her poems have been translated into eight languages; she translates poetry books from Italian into English; and her traveling haiga show is featured at libraries, hospitals, corporate centers, and park districts, among several venues.

She writes a poetry column for Winnetka Living, a lifestyle magazine in Illinois. Four of her reference books have been adopted as supplemental texts at universities and are featured selections of book clubs.

She has organized national writer’s conferences and gives workshops at them; is a writer-in-residence at universities; teaches poetry in the public schools; judges many national writing contests; and speaks regularly at libraries/chain bookstores.

Digregorio hosted a radio poetry program on public broadcasting, and was an executive officer of the Haiku Society of America.

She blogs about various genres of writing for publication, including poetry, and posts The Daily Haiku by poets from sixty-one countries

6 thoughts on “World Haiku Series 2022 (16) Haiku by Charlotte Digregorio (USA)

  1. Thank you so much, Hidenori, for featuring me and my haiku. You are so dedicated to bringing this art form to the attention of all. I wish you continued success with your work!

  2. Thank you so much, Hidenori, for featuring me and my haiku on your exquisite site. You are bringing such inspiration to all haikuists with your work. I wish you continued success with your significant artistic projects.

  3. Congratulations, Charlotte! Yes, indeed Hidenori San’s work is praiseworthy and an inspiration to all writers and poets.

  4. Congratulations, Charlotte. What a wonderful selection of haiku!

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