World Haiku Series 2022 (34) Haiku by Franjo Ordanić (Croatia)

Haiku by Franjo Ordanić


a field of dandelions
a dog and a hawk following
playfull lambs

forest echoes –
a lumberjack trampling on
the field of irises

sound of waves –
a seashell whispers
goodnight story

summer drought –
only morning glory
grace my garden

clear sky –
sparrows dust bath
raises a cloud






Brief bio:

– born in Laupheim, Germany, 1973
– lives and works in Oroslavje, Croatia
– Career: Master degree in Technical profession
– published – Japanese short literary forms, “The Scream of the Bearded Eagles” Oroslavje 2016 and “The Flutter of the Wings” Oroslavje 2022

Franjo Ordanić is man of many interests; in the field of culture, arts and sports.

He was the founder of the Aikido Club “Hohoemi”, himself Master of the 1st Dan. He has taken part in creating a musical “Green Wealth”.

He has been founding and organizing a number of cultural manifestations in his county. Among others, he organizes an annual meeting of the haiku poets in Oroslavje with a contest in Croatian and the Kajkavian language. He paints. “All inclusive” and “tu doma sem taki” are the names of his haiga exhibition in co-authorship with Ms. Sandra Šamec, the photographer. He writes haiku for several years.

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