For New Year 2012 (2)

  Firstly, let me post haiku and photos by Julia Maul, who studied about haiku and learned to write haiku at the class by Alexander Dolin, PhD, Professor of Japanese Literature and Civilization Studies at Akita International University(国際教養大学).    Julia Maul contributed the works of haiku and photos to us in November, 2011.     … Continue reading For New Year 2012 (2)


International Haiku New Year’s Festival 2011 (Part 3)

  On the third day, we refer to the first experiences the moon rabbit had. What a wonderful experience it is to see the first sunrise of the New Year!       Secondly, the rabbits enjoy the poetry recitation, sharing international haiku with each other.   Claire Gardien (France)    クレイア・ガーディアン(フランス)     two thousand eleven             2011年 … Continue reading International Haiku New Year’s Festival 2011 (Part 3)