Senryu by Suigetsu Hasegawa in Akita (2)


On July 26, we received a comment on ‘What are Haiku, Senryu and Tanka?’ on our website from Magyar, an American poet, living in Cape Cod.

He says in his comment as follows:

there are so many opinions about haiku/senryu.

– I tend to agree with the above, keeping my three lines minimal, and in (with me) an essential ‘incomplete sentence structure,’leaving, I hope, a hole through which a reader’s mind can wander; the only punctuation I use…an ellipsis.

I am so often wrong in defining the difference between haiku/senryu.

  Our network has two senryu poets, so we’d like to post a senryu by Mr. Suigetsu Hasegawa, and its comment by Mr. Sousei Taira.


人を恋うポストが風を聴いている    (長谷川 酔月)


Hito wo kou

Posuto ga Kaze wo



The postbox

That loves human beings

Listening to the wind.

(Suigetsu Hasegawa)



川柳銀の笛吟社主宰の長谷川酔月の現代川柳。この作品は、川柳句集『素敵な油断』(2004)に収録されている。赤い「ポスト」が街の中で佇む姿は、どこか「人を恋う」乙女のようだ。その「ポスト」が、「人」に恋心を抱きながら、「風」の声を「聴いている」のである。抒情性豊かな「詩性川柳」である。(平 宗星)

Comment:This is modern senryu of Suigetsu Hasegawa.He is a leader of a senryu group“Gin no Fue”(a silver flute) in Akita.This senryu is found in a selection of his senryu works Sutekina Yudan (2004).There is a red postbox (pillar-box) in the street.It seems to be a pretty girl who loves someone.She is listening to the voice of the wind and reminisces about her boyfriend.Suigetsu’s senryu is a lyrical and poetic verse.(Sousei Taira)


―  Hidenori Hiruta

2 thoughts on “Senryu by Suigetsu Hasegawa in Akita (2)

  1. McDonald San,
    thank you very much for your comment.
    Two senryu poets in Akita belong to our network.
    They will contribute their senryu to our site.
    Would you please enjoy senryu, too?
    Hidenori Hiruta

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