Haiga by an Elementary Schoolgirl in Akita (Part 1)


桝田愛佳(Masuda Aikabegan painting haiga in her elementary school days.

In summer, 2008, her mother, 桝田純子(Masuda Junko), and David Ferron, an ALT (Assistant Language Teacher) in Akita City, Akita, Japan, took up haiga by Masuda Aika as their haiga project.

We post their haiga project on the website, dividing it into three stages.

We hope that you will appreciate haiga by an elementary schoolgirl in Akita.


Ms. Masudas and Davids Haiga Project


わたしと俳画  Haiga and me



Akita Municipal Sotoasahikawa Elementary School

 六年一組 Sixth grade, First class

 桝田愛佳 Masuda Aika


始めたきっかけ  Why did I start?



I heard that when my mom said to an acquaintance of hers, “My Aika likes paintings,” she replied, “My mother teaches haiga. Would like to try it?”


When I heard this I thought it sounded interesting, so I took some lessons.


北潟先生のこと  Ms. Kitagata



Even though Ms. Kitagata is over eighty years old she is a very gentle teacher who knows a lot.


Her real name is Kitagata Sachie, but when she makes haiga it is Kitagata Shiho.


愛佳俳画 006

愛佳俳画 008

愛佳俳画 007

愛佳俳画 009


せつせつと                  せつせつと

眼まで濡らして           めまでぬらして

髪洗ふ                        かみあらう

節子句                        せつこく

愛佳                           あいか


Eyes get wet

When hair’s washed


愛佳俳画 010


マスカット                  マスカット

おいしく食べし           おいしくたべし

夜食後                        やしょくあと

愛佳                           あいか

Muscat grapes

Deliciously eaten

After dinner


愛佳俳画 011


愛佳                あいか

山の雲             やまのくも     

いけしまま      いけしまま

松立てにけり   まつたてにけり

章句                あきらく

Pine trees stood

In the mountain clouds      

Like arranged flowers


愛佳俳画 012


愛佳                           あいか

十五夜の                     じゅうごやの

雲のあそびて              くものあそびて

かぎりなし                  かぎりなし

夜半句                        やはんく

For fifteen nights

The clouds played



愛佳俳画 013


愛佳                あいか

冬に入る          ふゆにはいる

山国の紺          やまごくのこん

女学生             じょがくせい

Headed into winter

The mountain country’s dark blue



愛佳俳画 014


牡丹雪                        ぼたんゆき

地に近づきて              ちにちかづきて

迅く落つ                     はやくおつ

六林男句                     むりおく

愛佳                           あいか

十才                           じゅうさい

Large snowflakes

Come towards the ground

And swiftly fall


愛佳俳画 015


金銀の                        きんぎんの

紙ほどの幸                 かみほどのさち

クリスマス                  クリスマス

欣一句                        きんいちく

愛佳                           あいか

Gold and silver

Little joy-filled paper

At Christmas


(To  be continued)

 ― Posted by  Hidenori  Hiruta 


8 thoughts on “Haiga by an Elementary Schoolgirl in Akita (Part 1)

  1. Thank you for a nice comment, Joshua San.
    Haiga, Part 2, appears on November 7 (Saturday).
    Please look forward to…


  2. 幸福を こうふくを

    祈る本堂 いのるほんどう

    冬日さす ふゆびさす

    Praying for happiness

    In the main hall

    Light shines through the window

    or: “Piercing winter light”?

  3. Peter Hook-san,
    thank you very much for your nice suggestion.
    In this case,those praying for happiness seem to be in unhappy conditions or rather uneasy ones, so “Piercing winter light” is better as the third line. It matches those conditions.

    With my best regards.
    Hidenori Hiruta

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