Haiga by an Elementary Schoolgirl in Akita (Part 2)


桝田愛佳(Masuda Aika)began painting haiga in her elementary school days.

In summer, 2008, her mother, 桝田純子(Masuda Junko), and David Ferron, an ALT (Assistant Language Teacher) in Akita City, Akita, Japan, took up haiga by Masuda Aika as their haiga project.

 We post their haiga project on the website, dividing it into three stages.

This is the second stage of the haiga project.

We hope that you will appreciate the second part of haiga, with the three basic haiga in the first part.

Ms. Masudas and Davids Haiga Project

わたしと俳画  Haiga and me


Akita Municipal Sotoasahikawa Elementary School

 六年一組 Sixth grade, First class

 桝田愛佳 Masuda Aika

始めたきっかけ  Why did I start?


 I heard that when my mom said to an acquaintance of hers, “My Aika likes paintings,” she replied, “My mother teaches haiga. Would like to try it?”


When I heard this I thought it sounded interesting, so I took some lessons.

北潟先生のこと  Ms. Kitagata


Even though Ms. Kitagata is over eighty years old she is a very gentle teacher who knows a lot.


 Her real name is Kitagata Sachie, but when she makes haiga it is Kitagata Shiho.

愛佳俳画 006 

愛佳俳画 007愛佳俳画 008

愛佳俳画 016

ふるさとが      ふるさとが

見え元日の      みえがんじつの

炭俵                すみだわら

裕句                ひろしく

愛佳                あいか

In my hometown

During the upcoming New Year

With my charcoal sack

愛佳俳画 017

千代紙の                     ちよがみの

ひなのほほえむ           ひなのほほえむ

三日かな                     みっかかな

Ornate, colored-papered


Dolls for March third, Girls’ Day

愛佳                           あいか

愛佳俳画 018

愛佳                           あいか

一つとや                     ひとつとや

二つとやあと              ふたつとやあと

遊ぶ夜                        あそぶよる

One, oh, yeah

Two, oh, yeah

A playful night

愛佳俳画 019

愛佳                           あいか

水嵩の                        みずかさの

増してくる如く           ましてくるしく

芹洗ふ                        せりあらう

The volume of water

Rises up

Washing the Japanese parsley

佳郎句             よしろく

新しい雅号      A new pen name


The first pen name I was given was Aien, however there was someone else with the same pen name, so I was given the name Kaen. I also received a personal seal with the name Kaen that my teacher made.

愛佳俳画 020

緑さし             みどりさし

猫の歩みも      ねこのあゆみも

映りけり          うつりけり

秀旦句             Does anyone know how to pronounce this?

愛佳                あいか

Day by day, greener and greener

A cat’s steps too

Are reflected

愛佳俳画 021

愛佳俳画 022

父の日に                     ちちのひに

絵げいこに来れる        えげいこにこれる

幸よ                           しあわせよ

On Father’s Day

I can practice haiga

So happy (Thank you, dad)

愛佳俳画 023

先生と吹く      せんせいとふく

草笛の             くさぶえの

まちまちに      まちまちに

友子句             ともこく

愛佳                あいか

Blowing with my teacher

The blades of grass

Out of synch

母と俳句          Mom and Haiku


My mom sometimes makes haiku and senryu (humorous Japanese poems). When I painted a rose, which my mother likes, and added one of my mom’s haikus, she was so happy she cried.  My mom was overwhelmingly pleased and now every month during my lessons cheerfully makes haikus.

愛佳俳画 024 

嵐にも                        あらしにも

りんりんと咲く           りんりんとさく

花畑                           はなばたけ

Despite the storm

The flower garden

Is vigorously blooming

純子句                        じゅんこく

愛苑                           あいえん

愛佳俳画 025

苗代の             なわしろの

月夜は             つきよは

はんの木に      はんのきに

けむる             けむる

The bed of rice’s

Moonlit night

Is shrouded by

The Japanese alder

 素逝句             そせいく

(To Be Continued)


― Posted by Hidenori Hiruta


2 Responses to “Haiga by an Elementary Schoolgirl in Akita (Part 2)”

  1. a delightful journey with this young lady beautiful innocence displayed

  2. lesliepaints Says:

    I am enjoying following this.Such delicate art! Thank-you.

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