Haiku about the New Year (2010)


Happy New Year

2010 !

the Year of the Tiger

謹賀新年     kinga shinnen

二千十年           nisen ju nen 

平成二十二年  heisei niju ninen

庚寅               Kanoe Tora


Miss Masuda Aika(桝田愛佳), a freshman at Seirei Senior High School in Akita, celebrated the New Year by contributing her haiga to the Akita Sakigake Newspaper (秋田魁新報) on January 1. We readers enjoyed it in the newspaper, sharing the delights of the coming of the New Year with each other.



 Ms. Masuda Junko(桝田純子), Aika’s mother, also contributed her haiku about the New Year to the newspaper.



hatsuharu ya  yama kagayai te  chikara waku


Mt. Taihei shines,

giving me power  

New Year’s Day



This is a picture of Mt. Taihei (太平山), which made me write the following haiku.



aratama no  hikari ni haeru  Taiheizan


Mt. Taihei 

reflects the light

New Year’s Day


Next I post two of my haiku about Namahage (なまはげ), or ‘Ogre’ in the Oga Peninsula, Akita.

The first haiku also appeared in the Akita Sakigake Newspaper on January 1.



Namahage mo  Ogahantou de  go shichi go


Namahage Ogre

writes haiku too  

the Peninsula of Oga




The second haiku is this:



Namahage wa  Nyudouzaki no   hikari kana


Namahage Ogre

keeps the lighthouse

Cape of Oga



Last of all I post haiku and some photos of swans I happened to find a little before the New Year’s Day.

There were swans taking a break during their flight near the bank of the Omono River (雄物川)in Akita.



Fortunately, I saw swans grooming there.



hakucho no  tsukuroi arata  ashi no kishi



groom by the reed bank

for the New Year




We wish you a wonderful 2010 !


― Hidenori Hiruta


5 thoughts on “Haiku about the New Year (2010)

  1. Hiruta San, I love the swan pictures! The one spreading his wings and casting a reflection on the blue-cold water is breathtaking. Thank-you for posting the tiger painting. Knowing this is the year of the tiger will inspire me to paint a tiger.

  2. Hiruta San,
    Thank you once again for a beautiful post, beginning to end. The haiga is wonderful. Please thank Miss Masuda Aika for me if you have the opportunity. I know it is not the rabbit’s year, but could she create/share a haiga for the rabbit? All the poetry is lovely. It is good that both mother and daughter were able to publish together. Your pictures are so inspiring.
    I adore the ogre. I’m sure the lighthouse is quite safe with that guardian. Thank you again for this rich, enjoyable blog.

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