Haiku by P K Padhy in India (Part 1)


First of all, let me introduce Vihang A. Naik (b. September 2, 1969), a contemporary Indian poet, translator, literary and art critic. He is a founder of POETRY FiRST, where they pledge global peace by putting POETRY FiRST.

I’m a member of POETRY FiRST, contributing my haiku to it.

I presented two of my haiku about swans and their photo on December 22, 2009.


Swan grooming

by the reed bank ―  

on the way


hakucho no  michi no tsukuroi  ashi no kishi



Migratory swans

stay anywhere free

expecting guests



hakucho no  tourai nozomu  mi wa jiyu 




On January 5, 2010, P K Padhy, an Indian poet, replied to my writing as follows:










Dear Mr Hiruta,

I am delighted to read some of your haiku, especially entwined with picturesque photographs. Japan is the land of Haiku. I wish you may like some of my attempts recently appeared under the title, Pearls of Word. I shall be pleased if you translate some that appeal you much.

Warm Regards

             Happy New Year

P K Padhy



The following day I replied to his comment, saying that I’ll translate his haiku into Japanese and post them on our website.

Would you please appreciate some haiku by P K Padhy and check out his website ‘Poetic Resonance’ ?


Birds chirp around

shadows sail in the sky

it is solar eclipse.



nisshoku ya  tori saezurite  kage ga tobu


An expression

distinct from the rest

smiling on our natural face.



kyusoku ni  hohoemi ukabu  omote kana


Proudly declares

A lonely leaf on top of the tree

it is still alive.



hokorashiku  itadaki ichiyo  ikiiki to


Inside window wide opened

gentle breeze ripples all around

an inspiring garden.



mado no soto  soyokaze niwani  shijou waku


Bird reaches

tries best

to its nest.


tori kitari  aran kagiri ni  suzukuri wo


Concisely I reside

bright sun flowers

oriental poems.



touyoushi  himawari no goto  kan ni ari


Tree paints its green,

flower spells its smile

romance arrives.



ki no midori  hana no hohoemi  roman waku


Stream muses to the rock


bird chirps around

heaven descends.



tori no uta  kawa iwa omoi  kami orinu


Stays cleaned

leaving the garbage

at neighbour’s door.



tatsu mono wa  ato wo nigosazu  rinka kana



Her dream script

word divides

she is divorced.



rikon kana  yume no kyakuhon  moji chigai



This is the first part of haiku by P K Padhy.



Hidenori Hiruta


2 thoughts on “Haiku by P K Padhy in India (Part 1)

  1. Thank-you for these Hiruta San. Congratulations on your swan haiku and photos. I think they are beautiful.
    I also like your guest Haikuist’s haiku about the leaf at the top of the tree!

  2. Hiruta San,
    Thank you for sharing Mr. P. K. Padhy’s haiku. It thrills, challenges and humbles me to know that there are so many sincere haiku poets around the world. Your poetry and the the poetry of others that you share, thank you for all of it.

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