Haiku about New Year (2010) (Part 2)


Haiku poets celebrated the New Year by writing haiku, painting haiga, or taking pictures, and so on.

Masuda Aika(桝田愛佳)painted haiga to celebrate the Year of the Tiger in Akita, Japan.




Masuda Junko(桝田純子), Aika’s mother, wrote haiku for her sister, who is expecting a baby 13 years after her marriage.


on tiger’s back

miracle baby coming

to my sister



Tora no se ni  notte yume no ko  yatte kuru


Roberta Beary wrote haiku at her family reunion in Washington, DC, USA.


new year’s visit

3 generations greet me

with the same smile



Shin nen ya  hohoemi onaji  san sedai


Emiko Miyashita(宮下惠美子) wrote haiku at her mother’s family reunion in Fukushima, Japan.


New Year’s morning 

mother’s kitchen crowded

with sisters- in-law



Aratama no  haha no kuriya no  komiae ri


Fay Aoyagi(青柳飛)wrote haiku in celebration of the 1st anniversary of the birth of ‘Today’s Haiku’  in her blog ‘Blue Willow Haiku World’  in San Francisco, CA, USA.

She has been introducing many haiku as possible, translating them into English for non-Japanese readers.


Basho’s Deep North

my footsteps zigzag

on the first snow



Michinoku no  hatsuyuki wo fumu  jiguzagu to


Yousei Hime wrote haiku in a challenging way on New Year’s Day in Michigan, USA.


she tracks lean oxen

with passionate roar, springshunts

for a better year



Sougyu wo  yuyaku motome  yoi toshi ni


Gabi Greve took pictures and wrote haiku in Okayama,Japan.


like Buddha Amida

coming over the mountains

First Sunrise !



Yamagoe no  Amida no gotoku  hatsuhi no de




John McDonald writes haiku in Scots – one of the two languages native to Scotland (the other being the celtic-rooted Gaelic). He also translates it into English in Edinburgh, UK.



spyog-prents athort the snaw

towmond o the teeger


new year’s day

paw-prints across the snow

year of the tiger



Gantan no  yuki ni ashiato  tora no toshi


Marshall Hryciuk wrote haiku in Toronto, Canada.


New Year’s Day hockey

someone has placed a shovel

across the goal line


元日のホッケー シャベルがゴールライン

Ganjitsu no  hokke shaberu ga  gouru rain


Joshua Sellers writes haiku in West Memphis, Arkansas, USA.


the first day’s sky:

blue within blue,

wandering thoughts



Ganjitsu ya  omoi sasurau  aoi sora


William Sorlien writes haiku in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA.

He says they have just had an unusually harsh cold spell, lasting from Christmas to now. Temperatures never rose above freezing, and averaged around – 20 C.


taking a bite

from a bitter orange

january thaw



Ichigatsu no  tokeshi orenji  aji nigashi


Louis Osofsky writes haiku in Quincy, CA, USA.


waiting for happiness

i hang

 a new calendar



Shiawase wo  kitai shinagara  koyomi gake


John Tiong Chunghoo writes haiku in Malaysia.


new year day

suddenly i feel myself

so old



Gantan ya  sotsuzen to  oi kanji tari


 P K Padhy writes haiku in Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India.


The night celebrates

new star arrival

cracking firework.



Shinsei no  shutsugen iwau  yo no hanabi


RAM SHARMA writes haiku in MEERUT u.p, India.


Hope is the driving force

most joyful source,

Will show you the right way



Kibou koso  tadashiki michi e  karitateru


Ettore Mosciano writes haiku in English as well as in Italian in Rome, Italy.


Cradled by wave,

is the polished rock

fishing the dreams.



Nami migaku  sodateshi iwa ya  yume sagasu


Alberto Savoi also writes haiku in English as well as in Italian in Venice, Italy.


Walking in a mist

have a look of the stars above

this path is still long.



Kiri no naka  hoshi min to suru  michi to o si


Last of all, let me post my haiku and a picture of Mt. Taihei in Akita, Japan.


A new tiger

climbs Mt. Taihei

my first dream



Hatsuyume ya  shinsei no tora  yama noboru





                                                                                                                                                                  ― Hidenori Hiruta



12 thoughts on “Haiku about New Year (2010) (Part 2)

  1. Exciting post, expressing the heart of the Akita International Haiku Network. There are so many beautiful haiku. Thank you for this opportunity to be a part. Happy New Year to all, writers and readers.

  2. Respected Mr.Hirta,
    I do enjoy reading haiku poems published in Akita Haiku International. I have the pleasure to read the haiku written by John McDonald.I highly appreciate your endeavour for taking pain in translating the poems.It is indeed a noble effort for the cause of world literature.
    Would yo mind correcting the spelling of my surname as Padhy instead of Phdhy as typographically recently printed.

    Warm Regards
    Dr P K Padhy

  3. What a lovely selection of new year haiku from around the world… a great way to begin the new year! 🙂


  4. Dear Prof.Hidenori Hiruta,

    I thank You and Akita International Haiku Network to have had attention for my haiku, to have included it in your impressive anthology. Best regards to You and all poets in the site!

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