Haiku by Students at AIU (Part 2)


Professor Alexander Dolin teaches Japanese Literature and Civilization Studies at Akita International University(AIU). He also writes haiku.

Professor Alexander Dolin taught haiku to the students in his class of Japanese Literature and contributed their haiku to our website.


Ms. Yukari Sakamoto(阪本縁) kindly translated English haiku by Sidney Schaben into Japanese.

First of all, let me introduce Ms. Yukari Sakamoto and her haiku to you.

She is a graduate student at AIU and sometimes writes haiku in her academic career.

She won Honorable Mention at AIU HAIKU contest, Japanese Section for Students, by CRESI’s “Kokyo Yuwa” (「交響雄和」実行委員会)on October 11, 2009.



Shinryoku no   naka o kakenuke  tookou su


I’m riding

through such fresh spring green

to school


Secondly, we post English haiku by Sidney Schaben and their Japanese translation by Ms. Yukari Sakamoto.

Haiku by Sidney Schaben (USA)

Sidney Schaben, a student at St. Cloud State University, wrote haiku on November 30, 2009, while studying about Japanese Literature at AIU.


When summer passes

The din of the cicada

No longer is heard


  夏過ぎて   蝉の鳴き声   遠のいて 

Natsu sugite    semi no nakigoe    toonoite


When the grass turns brown

And the ground begins to freeze

The world sleeps soundly


草枯れる  大地が凍る    冬籠る

   Kusa kareru   daichi ga kooru   fuyu komoru


Soon the trees will shed

And the absence of their leaves

Creates new music


木の葉落ち   裸の冬木     新たな息吹

Konoha ochi    hadaka no fuyugi  aratana ibuki


The flood waters come

And by the end of each day

The world is cleansed

秋出水     その日が終わり  世事浄化せり

Aki demizu      sono hi ga owari      seji jouka seri


When the sun and moon

Live together in the sky

The air grows colder

太陽と月   ともに浮かべば   冬近し

  Taiyou to tsuki    tomo ni ukabe ba     fuyu chikashi 


As the leaf falls down

It traces a mournful path

Soon it will be dead

舞い降りる  落ち葉行く路  地に帰る

 Mai oriru       ochiba yuku michi   chi ni kaeru



Haiku by Kim Pool lib (ROK)

Kim Pool lib, a student at Sogang University, wrote haiku on November 30, 2009, while studying about Japanese Literature at AIU.

秋が来た   何をするかな   雲の横

        Akia ga kita    nani o suru kana   kumo no yoko


Autumn has come

What am I going to do?

Beside the clouds



果てしない   自然の変化  今度は秋

  Hateshinai       sizen no henka   kondo wa aki



Change of season

This time is autumn


赤い山   一人で感じる  雲と鳥

    Akai yama   hitori de kanjiru   kumo to tori


Seasoning mountain

Feeling it by myself

Clouds and bird



Haiku by Eunji Sohn (ROK)

Eunji Sohn, a student at Seoul National University, wrote haiku on November 30, 2009, while studying about Japanese Literature at AIU.

赤い葉や あなたを見たら 恥ずかしい

Akai ha ya   anata o  mitara      hazukashii


Oh, red leaves

I feel shy

when I see you


秋空は    どんな匂いが するのかな

Akizora wa      donna nioi ga    suru no kana


 What does autumn sky smell like?


秋溝は    落葉たちの  お風呂かな

Shukou wa  ochiba tachi no  o furo kana


 Is autumn ditch

the bath of fallen leaves,




― Hidenori Hiruta


3 thoughts on “Haiku by Students at AIU (Part 2)

  1. Thank-you for continuing to bring beautiful haiku from Prof. Dolin and supplementing such with your colorful and inspiring photography. I also enjoy looking at the Japanese writing. Even though I cannot read it, it is beautiful in it’s structure.

  2. Hi. I treasured to drop you a quick note to verbalize my thanks. I’ve been observing your blog for a month or so and have plucked up a heap of fabulous information as well as enjoyed the way you’ve structured your site. I am seeking to run my own blog however I think its too general and I would like to focus more on smaller topics.

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